Heart Coin Purse...Cute!!!

  1. Has anyone seen these in real life??? They are adorable! I got the pics of eBay....

  2. WOW! I am calling LV tomorrow. When did these come out? I e-mailed seller to ask if a card will fit inside.
  3. that is the first time I'm seeing that! That is the cutest thing!!!!
  4. :drool:
  5. Thanks for the pics! Can't wait to see the :heart: in Pomme D'Amour :love:
  6. Super cute! I want it! Where can I get one ??
  7. Wow!! they are so cute. I don't know which one I should order, but I'm definitely gonna get one. Thanks so much for sharing.
  8. I just looked on eBay and the seller's auction says he has the pink too but I don't see the pic at his store.
  9. sooo cute! i've been talking my bf's ear off about the heart! if you scroll through the list of items the seller also has the new red pastilles!
  10. I LOVE that! Does anyone know the retail?
  11. Wow... Now really have to waitlist for the Pomme d'amour heart!
  12. oh my goodness, they are all too cute! But i must resist......only if i win the lottery or Vegas jackpot...
  13. Want..so..bad..! :drool:
  14. they're cute...but don't know about practicality....but did I mention that they are cute?!?!
  15. Does anyone know where you can buy the heart coin purse? or how much it is?