****** HEART COIN PURSE Count Down!*****

  1. I'm not sure if everyone is excited as I am about them, but I can't wait. I'm counting day by day. I WL for miroir heart in both color, vernis heart in 3 colors & the gold/silver cosmetic purse. I'm dying to get them on Friday but unfortunately I can't. My store is 1 hour away & i work during weekend :s. Anyways, show pic please if you get it before me. :drool: I'll drool while waiting.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    ps. Sunday is my shopping time. Until then .....
  2. Hi Babe,

    Your collection will be fabulous!

    Do post pics of your whole stash when you get it okie? :nuts:
  3. I just WL today for the Violette, we'll see how long it takes to get it lol.

  4. how much is the violette?? thanks
  5. omg I want the silver to go with my bags...
  6. same price with others, $375.
  7. i cannot wait for the vernis heart to come!
  8. Ahhh those are awesome! I wish I could get one! Cant wait to see the real life pics.
  9. I'm on the waiting list for both the heart and cosmetic case in the Gold Miroir. I've also prepaid, but the SA still couldn't guarantee that I'll get it. I've been wait listed since last month....I hope they call me soon!
  10. ^Yeah same here. I have a card down for mine but I don't know if/when I'll get it.
    So are they really coming out Friday or is it next month? I've heard 2 different dates.
  11. oh my! I hope it's this Friday. I can't wait any longer. Wait, even if you have your name down, you might not get it. Gosh! If that's true then I'll have to call first thing Friday morning and pay for it, then pick them up on Sunday. Any confirm?
  12. I'm picking up the two mirroir hearts tomorrow. My store has them already. Still no news on the Vernis hearts though. I hope they will get them by tomorrow so I don't need to go there twice!
  13. ^ can you posh pic when you get them??? plz...
  14. Oh wow! Are you in the U.S.?
  15. OMG. I :heart: the cosmetic case.