heart cles in pomme

  1. are these still available because i really want to get one but i haven't checked the boutique yet.. also i can't order these online =( but they are sooo cute!! can anyone tell me whether these are discontinued or still available?
  2. im curious to see what people say to this, i would love to get my hands on one of those too! I have seen that on website selling them like eBay, but there are very few and they are really expensive.
  3. the pomme heart will be re-released this month along with amarante, violette, and the two miroir colors. its best to get on a waitlist if it isn't too late already. the hearts went out really fast last year.

    there's a few topics on this already and its mentioned in the s/s thread as well.
  4. i just hope they don't sell out as fast here in canada... =S
  5. just wondered but how did you find out that it is going to be re-released? cuz i want one really bad!! do you know what colors? are they going to bring any colors back like framboise?
  6. Can you fit an Id and credit cards in the heart?
  7. i don't think so. you might want to check the clubhouse forum, there might be one for the hearts.

  8. ask local store tomorrow!

    my local store will get only 30 mirroir but pomme, amarante and violet coming more than last year, my SA said!

  9. what does everyone think: the heart cles or the regular cles?
    i think the heart looks really cute but is the other one more functional? does it fit more?
  10. imo, the regular cles is more functional. however, many members here have found a use for the heart.
  11. Strange enough my store still has no idea about the heart cles coming out... I just hope I can get my hands on them!
  12. thanks for the 411 Lvbaby doll :smile:
  13. My SA called me on Saturday and she said that they are expecting the hearts in the store this week. She will give me a call as soon as she gets them as I'm the first on the WL :yahoo:
  14. ^^ that is great news .... my SA said that the launch is a few weeks away (which MEANS they will hold them for an event ..that is what they did last year too:yes:)...can't wait to see photos:yahoo: