Heart cles avail now at Saks BH - Vernis pearl

  1. Call Sue at (310) 887-5423 - they close at 6 pm pst.
  2. Thanks for the info! :flowers: By any chance did they have the Vernis Envelope? TIA
  3. I believe I also saw one in pearl in the case near the register . . . .don't know if they had any in the back . . . you can check. If it's the pearl you want, you probably have it . . .
  4. Thank you! :flowers:
  5. if you are looking for the perle envelope (I believe there is one in Pomme also) at Saks New Oreleans. They are closed tom. for Mardi Gras but open on Wednesday!!!
  6. If only this was pomme or framboise!
  7. Thank you, krmkjk!:flowers:
  8. Ooh I have the Perle...to anyone who is considering it, it's such a pretty color!
  9. .
  10. Rebecca, your collection is TDF! :love:
  11. Aw thanks pinki!! :heart:
  12. I know this is off topic, but when I called 1800-Vuitton today, the SA told me that there was a pomme flat purse available in a Saks (although she didn't specify where) and she said it's the LAST available one!!!