Heart Charm

  1. I don't remember who was asking about it but I saw the heart-shape charm/keychain when I swung by SCP other day.
  2. Which store is SCP?
  3. Sorry, SCP is South Coast Plaza at Costa Mesa, CA.:flowers:
  4. thanks Kou :smile:
  5. Are you gonna get it?:graucho:
  6. I just had one put on hold there!
  7. Yay!!!! Show us the goodies when you get it!:amuse:
  8. does anyone know how much the heart charm is? I think I might want one!
  9. Please post a picture someone...we would like to see it.
  10. Here's a pic. The back of the heart is in Orange goatskin but I dumped that pic, sorry!
  11. it's around $115 to $120 :love:
  12. Thank you for sharing the pic of the heart!
  13. $115 - I'm picking it up later this week and will take a pic of it on my pumpkin. :smile:
  14. i have that charm!!!
  15. I have that charm too!! :heart:
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