1. hi girls:blink:
    im totally in love with bag ( the heart chain in my aviator) but i've never bought something from ebay before...is it safe?
    its 2000.. how can i be sure that this item will bw shipped to me not something else?:shocked:
    im paying by money order...is there any guarentee?so please help...need ur input NOW:cry:
  2. Solitair - I personally wouldn't want to pay with a money order. Paypal would be a much safer option (as it offers up to $1500 of protection in case anything goes wrong), but I see that the seller does not have Paypal listed as a payment option. :sad: The good news is that the seller does have excellent feedback. And since she's using EMS as the postage method, at least you will receive an online tracking number - which you can use to find out exactly where you parcel is during the postage process.
  3. the thing is we dont have paypal in Qatar..so even if she agrees to it i cant use it..and the bag is $2000 wich is not covered anyway.

    im really confused..i love this bag but this is not the coloure i have in mind + it gets stained easily..but im afraid if i let it go i dont find another one :blink:

    the other thing is the seller is asking way too much than the original price(about $700 above the price)...so is it worth it to buy a 3 year old bag with this price? or buy a newer line+ a coloure that i really like and will use?

    my head is spinning:roflmfao:
  4. I think you should buy a newer line + color bag that you really like and will use. Also since it's not the color you originally wanted, it's not meant to be. Another one will pop up sooner or later and it'll be worth the wait when it finally becomes available!

    Don't settle for second best =)
  5. Since she has real good feedback, I think you will be okay with a money order, however, if its not really the color you really want than I would just wait, unless she is willing to go down in price. $700.00 is a major profit for her, I can understand a few hundred, but she is kinda pushing it.

    I am sure there will be others floating around in time.
  6. mello
    second best?:blink:
    i think this is the key..if i buy this bag i'll be setteling for second best...thanx for ur help:yes:

    i sure hope so 'cause im not really into this one..
    alot of times the idea of being greedy and mean puts me off a bag..
    keep me posted if u find another one :smile:
    thanx for all of ur help:flowers:
  7. she is asking a lot for it, but it is a really gorgeous bag! if its what you really wanted i'd go for it, b/c there is nothign worse than letting one go and regretting the "second choice"

    sorry i'm no help! can you bargain her down maybe?
  8. Only pay that much markup for "first best".
  9. I personally won't pay using money order ! I have bad experience with it.. NO. TERRIBLE experience~ Please be very very careful.

    I personally would rather have a newer chanel line than this bag ~
  10. Just saw this post.....been living under a ROCK!

    Solitair......I've been in the same position as you. Wanting something so bad, not finding it and then finding something CLOSE but not exactly the one you want. I say to hold out for EXACTLY the one you want because after all you're paying big bucks .... it should be the bag you've been wanting. Not second best. I know how hard it is to wait but it's worth it in the end. You'll be happier! I know!
  11. blushingbaby
    :heart: and where have u been?

    thank u all...i think im gonna take ur advice and wait for the one i really wanted ..i mean i waited 3 years, whats few more:cry:

    thanx again for all of ur help..:flowers: