Heart Cadena Question

  1. Ok, this may sound super silly but can the Heart Cadena be "opened" e.g. like the Pesagus or Sailboat Cadenas?

    If yes, how?? Thank you!! ;)
  2. Hi j0s1e
    The Heart cadena like the Pegasus or Sailboat, is opened by unscrewing it at the base and then turning it to one side or another.
  3. Thanks Sus! But I am looking at my Heart Cadena now and it does not appear that there's anything to un-screw .... am I missing something? I did try "turning" it clockwise/anti-clockwise and nothing ...
  4. Jos, look on one side and you will see or feel something thicker. Unscrew this, it may be difficult at first, I had this problem myself. I like this closure better because you will not break a nail, but it probably isn't as safe as the older closure.
  5. wait i can open my pegasus?
  6. gracekelly, do you mean the thicker part as shown in my attached picture? Thanks!!!
    Heart Cadena open.jpg
  7. ^Exactly. Sometimes they are impossible to open initially. I know that mine was like that. Take a small piece of rubber or latex glove so you can get a grip on it and turn it. Eventually it will move!
  8. I am coming to you gracekelly when I need help!!!

    j0s...I will come to you for technical things...trust me I need tech help!
  9. Thanks gracekelly! I got it opened! :love:

    Attached pics for anyone who's interested :idea:

    Kellybag, sure no problemo! :yahoo:
    Heart Cadena open1.jpg Heart Cadena open2.jpg
  10. Woooo...are those your nails???? (I know off topic)
    Damn woman those are too cute! It looks like you have flowers growing on them:love:
  11. simplyprincess - hee, yes, they are my nails!!! they are actually stick-ons, a friend custom makes them for me and I stick them on myself - using a special nail tape and nail glue - stays on for 2-3 weeks :smile: PM me if you are interested to find out more!!
  12. Congratulations j0s1e on getting your cadena open. Post how you are using it with a picture!
  13. Sus, here you go!!!
    BJ with Heart Cadena.jpg BJ with Heart Cadena close-up.jpg
  14. Hurray!!! I'm so happy you did it. Mine was so bad I nearly took it back to the boutique! Finally on my last try it opened.

    This is turning out to be my favorite cadena because it lays flat against the bag when you hang it from the clochette. I also figured out a way to wear it around my neck, not to mention the fact that I am a real sucker for hearts LOL!

    BTW Kellybag, my claim to fame in my office is that I am the fix-it person. Centrifuges, electric exam tables, light fixtures (that was yesterday) the list just goes on and on. Inbetween fixing things, I get some real work done! HA HA!
  15. gracekelly, thank you! hehehehe, wow! yours must have been real tight!!!

    yes, isn't it a cute cadena?? any pics of how you are using it? do show pics if you are using it as a necklace!