Heart Broken over the Pavvlosk

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  1. Hi ladies I just got these from a new ebay seller with 0 feedback and I paid the BIN price $799.00 which goes to show how much I really really wanted these and how much I love them because times are really tough for me and this actually had to come out of our family savings acct. I asked the seller to make sure that there were no satins or anything wrong with the shoe , I knew they were listed as pre owned worn 3 times. The seller responded "no stains I actually just picked them up from the cleaners". I really really LOVE them they are TDF however I am really heart broken that she did not disclose the stain it is close to 2" long and 1" thick and it looks like it has been scrubbed off or something so its kind of like a white dirty spot now and you can tell it was scrubbed because the stain or marking gets longer and thinner. I have not contacted the very nice seller about this yet I literally just got them an hour ago. Do you think that this could be re stained or fixed to look new by MM7 or a cobbler? Thank you for taking the time to read this and any advice is so appreciated. I feel horrible that these had to be revealed in this way this was not my plan.

  2. First 2 pictures taken with flash the last picture with no flash natural light
  3. i would be pretty p*ssed for the seller not disclosing that! i don't know much about satin and cleaning it though :sad: i hope someone can help you. maybe a really good dry cleaner vs. cobbler would know and could spot treat?
  4. A mark that big should have been disclosed. Its not HORRIBLE, but it is noticable. Id worry that cleaning it would really suck the color out of that spot.
  5. there stunning!.:tdown: for the seller. maybe you can ask for a partial refund since the shoes are not as described.
  6. Contact the seller for sure. I would not be happy that I paid $800 for used shoes with a noticeable imperfection. Maybe the seller will refund a portion of payment to cover repair. To me the area appears to need re-dying?
  7. You really need to post this in the eBay forum - those ladies know their ish!

    That said, gosh I am SOOO sorry that this happened, OP! First off, I would neg the seller. No two ways about it. Second, I would request a partial refund. Third, if you decide that you do not want the shoes in the condition they are in, file SNAD.

    If you decide to keep the shoes, I do believe that a cobbler could stain these or at least get the mystery stain out...
  8. Seems like a good cobbler could match the dye. Is the texture different in that spot?

    So sorry this happened to you :cry: The shoes are stunning.
  9. oh no adctd, i'm so sorry!!!!! that's just heartbreaking!!! that is a ridiculous thing for the seller NOT to disclose... I hope your seller will make this right. I think your best bet would be to contact MM7 and see if they can do something about it...
  10. I'm so sorry! first as the other girls have said, I think you need to contact the seller. Let her know that you a)how upsetting it is that she didn't disclose such an obvious stain b) that you will be going to a cobbler to see if they can be dyed (I think they can) and if so you want a partial refund. HOWEVER, if a cobbler cannot dye then or clean them you want to return for a full refund (I'm assuming you don't want to keep them in this condition)

    Again, I'm sorry this happened to you but we are all here to help you get this taken care asap!!! :hugs:
  11. Oh no! I am so sorry this happened to you! They are such gorgeous shoes! I hope you're able to get them fixed or get your money back! Good luck honey!
  12. hey babe, i think they are repairable but you definetly need to get a partial refund for that! but i wouldnt leave neg fb until i spoke to the seller....i hate when people do that lol....you said she is super nice so maybe she will not dissapoint!
  13. acdtd My Gosh those are gorgeous. That being said, how unfortunate that there is a stain on them. It is def noticeable from close. How noticeable is it from far? Like all the lovely tpfers have said above, you should contact seller and try working things out. So sorry you are having to deal with BS
  14. Thank you Ladies you gals always know how to cheer a woman up :hugs: I love them so much except for that obvious stain. I just emailed the seller because I specifically asked her if there were any stains and she said no. She just responded that there were no stains before she brought them to the cleaner but she didn't double check them after she got them back to ship me ? I responded what cleaner/cobbler she used because she is basically putting the blame on the cobbler/cleaner she used :nuts: I told her we need to know this so this doesn't happen to anyone else. oh em gee DH is not going to be happy about this purchase he doesn't even know I bought these yet. :cry:
  15. Oh no! That's terrible!

    It's hard to say from the pictures, but it looks (like you said) that the area has been scrubbed or brushed. Satin/crepe has a very delicate hand to it, and so any scrubbing like that causes the area to become irreparably matte. No amount of dyeing can fix that, unfortunately: it will always be visible when seen at an angle.

    That being said, if it's not so noticeable and you want to keep the shoes, I would send the pictures that show the stain the best to the seller and request a partial refund. No one in the world would pay $800 for a pair of shoes with such a big stain on them, and I would very much doubt that the seller would have been able to get more than $500 for them if he/she had disclosed that stain.

    Good luck, and let us know what happens!

    EDIT: Just read your post, OP. Many dry cleaners (and I imagine cobblers) don't know how to work with crepe. It is very possible that the cobbler/cleaner did indeed do this, but it's still the seller's responsibility.