heart breaking, I'm looking for----needs help!

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  1. well guys, I have been looking for a Lesportsac for a long time. I often check on eBay, but no luck. It's pink with panda on it. Someone told me that it is part of Hawaii series and only sell in Hawaii. I have one cross body Hawaii Lesportsac (the blue one). Sorry I don't know the name. Now I really want want want get that pink one with panda. You guys are experts, do I still have any possibilities to get one? :crybaby: Thanks a lot!
  2. hey shoeinbag-yah it's a panda print bag exclusive to hawaii. I just called the lesportsac in ala moana and they said they have it in stock...here is there number 808-973-6306. Good Luck!
  3. ignore this post djr answered the question!
  4. When I went like 2 weeks ago they still had alot of that panda print at our Lesportsac in Ala Moana. I am not sure...but I think people asked them if they do charge sends, but they don't. Might want to call to make sure though. If not, maybe you have relatives or something that live here in Hawaii?
  5. thanks girls. I just find a pic to make sure the one that you guys have seen in the store is this one. also I like this style, and just know it is called "tribeca tote" (shame on me because I have one with this shape). All tribeca totes come with a make up bag, am I right? So if it is, I am going to call them.... Thanks! :heart::heart::heart::yahoo:
  6. yups. we got that in hawaii!
  7. MmHhMM, lolz. & I have a panda cosmetic case :biggrin: my cousin got it for me for x-mas last year haha.
  8. humm... I still want a cosmetic case in that print
  9. I just called, they ship it but you must spend over $150, and they don't accept credit card (only money order). Gosh, I wish I live there.
  10. ^Ah, I see. Wow, that's alot of money & I wonder how much the shipping is....hmm. Aiiyah and MO too..hmm. OK. No, but dont wish you lived here, everything is just too danged expensive and it's freakin hot. I swear today is one of the hottest days, the trees are standing still by my house..NO WIND!!!
  11. omg! i know it is! i'm down the road from you, sweating bullets:sweatdrop: and sitting infront of the fan! Ugh..i hate the heat!
  12. ^hell yeah lolz i got two fans on me & my ceiling fan on and still sweatin..freakin sucks. i effin hate summer.
  13. Wow :huh: Didn't know it was that hot there. I hate the heat so yeah- I couldn't live there >_<

    The Panda print is so cute ^_^ Do you guys also have any other cute prints in Hawaii besides that one? I was looking at the Lesportsac Japanese site and they have a print called Sugar pop- its pinkish hearts on white background, do you have it there in Hawaii as well? Thanks ^_^
  14. yup! i got a three zip cosmetic in that one!
  15. hawaii has a lot of "exclusive to hawaii" prints!