Heart Availability?

  1. I know I can always call 866 but I thought I would ask everyone here if they know anywhere that has hearts (specifically in violette) that aren't on hold for people? I got a silver one but wasn't able to hold more than one per store policy where I shop.
    Thanks ahead of time for your help. ;)
  2. I just got a violette today....called 866 yesterday and they found me one at Saks in New Orleans. Ask for Sydney.....she searched so hard for me and found me gold and silver as well. Pomme is all sold out.
  3. Thanks so much for your help. Much appreciated. :yes:
  4. Agreed. Saks in New Orleans is my local LV store and they had all the hearts (except pomme) for sale last time I checked...

  5. There are a few threads going right now and they said that vuitton.com has had all colors of hearts today so I would keep checking there. Good luck!
  6. ^Yeah on minute they were all sold out then a refresh and the Amarante was available.
  7. how much of the hearts are produced? it seems like there is a lot going around.

    i really liked it when it came out last year and it was hard to get but now it seems like its everywhere that it isn't so special anymore for a heart that can't do much but for decoration. i think i's rather add another speedy to my collection... but i think its adorable still.
  8. Just called them at the 1800.. they're all sold out in Canada, and they don't ship to Canada either!! :cursing: They have no more pomme, but there are a little under 20 left of violette & gold, and plenty of amarante left in the US!
  9. ^^^Wow I am surprised that gold is left! Thanks for the info!
  10. Wow, I thought gold was gone!! I think a lot of people gravitated towards silver because LV doesn't make a lot of silver pieces.
  11. I was at Saks in New Orleans today and they don't have any but she put my name on a waitlist. I dunno if anymore will be available or not. When I asked she just offered to put my name on the list, so we'll see.
  12. SAKS in BH. Ask for Janelle, she is awesome!!!!!! Tell her Jessica sent you!:p
  13. what do thye have there?:confused1:
  14. Saks in Las Vegas has a violette one!! I saw it this morning.....they're all so sweet there!
  15. I was there today and saw several hearts. I am not in the market for one so I didn't pay too much attention to which colors they had.