Heart Attack! Smoooooshy Ink City Arrived!!!!

  1. Remember that smooshy Ink City on ebay I BINed yesterday? It just arrived!! OMG, for 2 reasons:

    1. Is this the best seller or what? I paid yesterday, she Fedexed right away and it just arrived. She didn't have to Fedex, wasn't part of the terms in the listing. I LOVE HER!

    2. Wow, I now see what you all meant by smooshy leather. I bought an Ink First from personalshoppers, which was gorgeous and veiny, but not smooshy. More like a slithering eel feel to the leather. LOVE IT. This Ink City is not veiny or slithery eely, but it's definitely smoooooooshy. WOW! Like a totally different color. Can't say which I love more. Both, for different reasons. Either way, Ink ROCKS!

    And now, for your viewing pleasure....
    newstuff 002.jpg newstuff 008.jpg newstuff 009.jpg
  2. Ahhhh it's beautiful! And that is one great seller, too!


  3. ahhh drools... so pretty...

    do you know WHY it's smooshier?? is it because of all the conditioning?
  4. Wow, that is just sooo pretty! Man, I wish I was rich, so I can buy bags from every designer! That is a super nice seller!
  5. WOW...:nuts: that is the best leather of 06' I've ever seen. It totally is pre-spring 05' leather. Congrats!!!!! You are very lucky.
  6. Wow, thats the most gorgeous ink bag I've ever seen. Congrats!
  7. wow, great leather! i had an ink day that had similar leather, its like spongey right?! CONGRATS! It's gorgeous!
  8. Congrats!!! It's beautiful!!
  9. My very favorite b-bag, of course I am biased because I have the same bag. Congrats on a great bag !!!! It is beautiful.
  10. Hi Deco, this leather on this bag is really lovely the bag looks so soft a lot softer than the one I picked out. Is it like the Fendi spy having 2 different types of leather? All this different types is giving me a headache LoL......how on earth do you know which one to go for. Anyway Congrats your bag is truely blooming marvellous as us Brits say.
  11. ^^ wow, it's gorgeous & must be lubed :love:
  12. Wow! Congrats on such a gorgeous bag! :yes: And the seller's soo sweet too! :heart:
  13. 0o0o0o0o SO LUCKY!!! Your INK City is just BEAUTIFUL!!! congrats!!!
  14. That is so pretty. Congrats!
  15. :roflmfao: lubed? ;)