heard on the radio about Vince and Jen....

  1. ...I just heard on the radio [if this is true, I haven't a clue?] that Vince Vaughn has changed his mind and wants children! So he and Jen might be getting back together and adopting a child.....we'll see if anything comes of this?

    Does anyone really care? :shrugs:

    ...If that's the case, Vince better make reservations at the Latin School in Chicago so the child/children could attend school there!
  2. hmmm....who knows
  3. I like Jen...and I like Vince...perhaps not together.
  4. Nuh..I personally don't really care..It turned me off when what they did before was denying so many things..I don't know what to believ anymore..it's real or just part publicity mogul
  5. Why do they have to adopt a baby?? Why not have a baby of their own and adopt one too. They'd have cute kids.
  6. I liked them together... I hope they can work it out!
  7. I like them both but maybe not so much together, I'd like to see her with someone else!
  8. so do I !:yes:
  9. I really don't think that she is over Brad so any new relationship has no chance, too many problems for this pair to continue & certainly not to involve children adopted or otherwise!
  10. I really dont like Vince.
  11. I thought they were a cute couple