Heard on the Dark Blue Grapevine...

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  1. I was interested to hear from my saleslady today, that the Canard we are all so excited about does have a slight tint of green to it - she described it as "a dark petrol". Can't wait for the first person who gets it to post pictures so I can see for myself... or for it to hit the store so I can see it.

    If it comes in that super-soft distressed leather that the Officier leather was, I will be gone for it.

    If I fall for Canard, it will be with RH, but I think it will look stunning with GGH, if there are green hints underlying the dark blue.
  2. Interesting....I'm really excited to see this color. I do have a feeling that it will be slightly different than officer though. Which is kind of a shame...
  3. I am excited to see this color, I love dark blue and green so seems like I'm going to like it.
  4. Thank you so much for the info. I have seen two pics of"canard" from a girl, but it looks just dark blue, too dark. And not as the bal.com. I am not sure the girl showed me the correct pics of canard. Because she have post courier and told others that' s a day, and told others cyclade is bluechina-outremer.
  5. O:huh:O ... a dark blue with green (petrol type colour) would be lovely!
  6. The swatch of Canard I saw at Bal NY was so dark blue in color that it looked very close to black. I did not see any hint of green, which I would love for it to have!
  7. I saw some pretty good pictures of it, and it looked dark blue in them, though maybe not quite as dark as officer. (maybe a result of flash, if the swatch is really much darker???) No idea how representative they were. One bag was giant covered hw, and in the photo the edges has a greenish/tealish cast to them. Not sure if was some underlying color in the bag, really, or just an effect in the pics. It did look pretty.
  8. I saw a swatch of Canard also, and walked around with it to see it in different lights, and put my black leather glove on it. It looked black, except on the cut edges.
  9. I was told from my Bal SA that it is a very very dark blue and the only place you can tell it is blue is from the edge of the swatch otherwise it looks almost like black.
  10. Do you think it'll look nice in RGGH? hmm...
  11. Someone has a moto jacket in Canard and I too see no green. But I could see that it's blue. Perhaps the distress leather makes it darker.
  12. Sounds very promising. I hope to see pictures soon!
  13. Hmmm ... now that makes more sense! Canard (duck in French) would be a very dark blue with a greenish undertone. The picture that I saw didn't show any type of undertone; it was just VERY dark (looked almost Black). This color would look nice with the RGGH; a very nice contrast!
  14. I think it's again one of those colours that is going to be like Sang: hard to capture... with different batches of leather looking slightly different.

    My leather preference tends towards heavily veined, distressed (but not dry), glazed, super-supple leather - much like the Officier texture... so that may lighten the colour apprearance of canard considerably, too.
  15. The pic I saw looked black?