Heard of this? Tanda Skincare System - Light Therapy

  1. Hi ladies!

    This is my first post in this section - I did a search and found nothing on Tanda, so I hope this isn't a repeat.

    I've had trouble with my skin for most of my life... since grade 5 to current (I'm 25). Not sever acne, but very persistent annoying acne on my face. I was on accutane several times and it worked formy back and chest beautifully, but NOTHING (and I've tried EVERYTHING!) has worked for my face.

    I was watching the local Toronto news and they did a story on a product called Tanda. It's a home light therapy treatment that uses LED technology to kill bacteria beneath the skin before it can cause a blemish. It also comes with a second light attachment that uses a different wavelength to stimulate the skin to form more collagen ie. to help with fine lines and wrinkles. They have a website that's more detailed.

    I'm basically at the point where I've spent tons of money on products, and figured hey, why not try this one. I know it sounds totally hoky and silly but i'm willing to give anything a shot at this point. Also, the fact that it was on the news, and not an infomercial gives me some hope. The woman they were doing the story on had amazing results. It was strange too; they said you could buy Tanda through your dermatologist, or at Holt Renfrew! (like Canadian Barney's or Neiman's)

    SOOOOO has anyone heard of it / tried it? It's supposed to be the home version of some of the expensive spa light therapies. I haven't tried it yet, I can't help but hope that this is something that may work!

    Thanks for reading my long post!
  2. I just heard about this in a different thread, anyone have any more info?
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    I just wrote about it in a few threads...
    lemme get the most recent one...
    Here you go:

    I wrote more of its science. As for whether it works or not, well I bought on Valentine's day this year lol but I only started using it for the past month or so (cuz originally I wanted to give it to my mom, she can use the red light, but she never believes in technology or expensive stuff so... I got it back LOL).
    IMO, this is THE best thing that I've ever bought for my face against acne. I've suffered acne since the age of 10 and like everyone, I've tried a LOT of things. Originally it was all presciption creams and stuff which just dried out my skin more and more in the long run, so after spending thousands of dollars here, I decided to conceal my acne rather than cure it. Nurturing my skin with (more expensive lol) creams, lotions, and potions and improving my makeup skills really improved my acne. However, I still had the occassional pimple (one large one every week or two?), acne scars, huge pores, blackheads, comedones...etc. It was still never smooth and perfect.
    Then one day I was at my local La Prairie counter at Holts and my usual skincare consultant recommended this to me since it just came out like a month or two ago. She was really raving about it while me still be super skeptical, but I bought it anyway (hey, anything for my mom for V day lol, and if she didn't like it, I'd take it). In retrospect, I think I need to go back and thank her for THE best recommendation I've ever received.
    After using it for 3 days, there was a noticeable change in skintone and imperfections. For once after 8 YEARS of always wearing some sort of makeup or concealant, I felt like I could go out in public with NOTHING on. And I did just that. After about a month now, I've not had one single breakout, my skin is much smoother now (even my dad noticed), so I'm really impressed. Even if you already have a huge pimple, Tanda's blue light will get rid of the swelling the NEXT day (you'll still have some redness, so just conceal it with makeup, but the BUMP will be gone), but what's the best is that it's the first of its kind to PREVENT all future breakouts.
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    Other pros:
    -two light heads: blue and red (I dunno about the red one cuz I only use the blue light which can kill ALL Propionibacterium acnes, not like zeno... read my link)
    -each head can last you more than 30 years
    -FDA and Canadian Dermatology Association approved (probably approved by other organizations too...)
    -covers LARGE surface area
    -skin/touch activated
    -rechargeable, portable
    -ummm............................... IT WORKS!!! I don't htink you need any more pros lol

    -must be used EVERY day
    -each treatment on one skin part is 3 mins, so if you use the blue light and go all over the face, it'll be at least 30 mins (I take 40 mins cuz I do a double treatment on 3 spots of my face; Tanda does not recommend using it more than 2 treatments in one spot). I think for the RED light, you will be required to MOVE the device around, so unlike the blue light which stays immobile, the red will probably be much faster, especially since you will not be using it all over the face and more like just around the mouth and eyes (ummm.... unless you have LOTS of fine lines, then go all over the face). So ya, if you plan on using the RED light, I'm gonna say maybe 15 mins every night? The dedication and timing really are keys to making Tanda work, and for me I barely have any time to sleep since I'm a medical student... which again, I know stress is one of THE main factors that contribute to my acne... meh...
    -Tanda says you must remove all makeup and use it on a CLEAN face; so from what *I* understand, that means your face must be COMPLETELY CLEAN without ANY type of skincare product, toner, moisturizer, serum...etc cuz some ingredients in your skincare products may be deactivated by the lights (eg. Vitamin C, despite that it's not exactly UV light... but I dunno, I don't wanna take chances especially each of my skincare products are like 100$+++ so I dunno wanna waste them either). So for me it's kinda of a PITA cuz it's like... I can't just do it at night in my bed, dose off and sleep, cuz after I'm done, I'd have to get up again and put on my creams, lotions, and potions.

    -Actually I've been trying to investigate into its disadvantages, and besides my own personal probs, I haven't heard ANYTHING else from others...
  5. I bought a similar light therapy product, the Baby Quasar. I do think there's something to it, and my skin looked better (I also tended to get acne and it helped with that). But, honestly, it was a PITA, so I stopped using it, and I personally regret spending all of that money on it.

    If you've tried a lot of other products and nothing has worked, and you are pretty sure you won't tire of using it, then, absolutely, go for it.
  6. sounds a little too high maintenance for me. I'd probably get sick and tired of holding it after the 3rd day of using it and it will end up sitting in a corner collecting dust.
  7. After reading your posts, CEC.LV4eva, I just ordered one. I actually thought that it took 3 minutes for the entire face, 30 does sound like a bit of a hassle. If it works it'll be worth it, though, as I'm soooo sick of nothing keeping my skin clear in the long run. I never had issues with my skin in my teens, but now that I'm in my mid 20's I hardly ever seem to have completely clear skin. When I was younger I didn't use any products either, I just splashed some water in my face and that was it. Now that doesn't work for me, neither does any of the skincare products I've tried (they may help for a little while but then it comes back again) I've tried aspirin masks and the works too, it didn't do me much good. Do you use it once or twice a day?

    I'll report back with whether or not it works when I receive it, if anyone's interrested :flowers:

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    I use it once a day, so everyday that's 40mins total. Tanda doesn't recommend using it more than twice (ie two treatments of 3 mins each) on each skin part.

    Kinda aside, but I'm wondering how those blue light therapies work at the derm's or plastic surgeon's offices. They also use the same principle of emitting ~400nm to kill the acne bacteria but I'm just wondering how does it work if we don't visit them EVERYDAY??? I mean, I know Tanda asks us to use it everyday because like any bacteria, P. acnes proliferates after a while too since it's part of our normal flora, so for those people paying hundreds of dollars to get a similar treatment from the doc every few weeks or so, wouldn't that be a complete waste of money since a day or two later the bacteria would just grow more and you'd get acne flareups all over again??? Any doctor here??? lol
  9. I don't know, but a review I read said that using laser was more effective, so maybe that's what they mostly use? Or maybe the use the blue light and then sell them a bunch of bacteria-killing products to use at home, to keep them over until the next treatment? :p I really don't know. :p
  10. I received my Tända yesterday, and used it for the first time last night and then again this morning. I can't say if it works yet, but I noticed that it took around 50 minutes for me to do my entire face, and that the battery seems to shut down after less than an hour so I still haven't been able to do both the blue light and the red. Am I doing something wrong / being too thorough and spending too much time using the blue light, or is my battery defective? I really thought it'd last more than 55 minutes! :confused1: Also, I get somewhat bored while I'm using it since I can't see a thing through the protective eyewear, and I can't really listen to my ipod while I'm using it either since then I wont hear the sound of when it's finished :p Other than that, I'm optimistic about my Tända and I'll continue using it :flowers: I use it while I'm in bed, about to go to sleep or right after I wake up.
  11. I haven't had a single break out since I started using this :tup:
  12. Wow really? Sounds so good...I just got 2 new pimples today cuz its that time of the month again. They're small but I want to have none! Maybe I should give this thing a try....

    Can you use it w/o wearing the goggles? You can just not look at the light right? Using 40 mins/day is ok, but I would want to be able to read or watch tv or something during that time.

    Keep us updated!
  13. Keya: Ya, the battery seems kinda poor to me too, but I only use it at home at night so it's always plugged in the wall outlet and that kinda takes of it there.

    dokugaku: It's best to wear the goggles, although I know some people don't. For me, I only wear the goggles when I put the device near my eyes (eg. right under my eyes, on my nose, forehead), so basically if I"m doing the bottom half of my face, I don't wear the goggles and then I can watch TV, read, work...etc
  14. I've only been using it for a few days now, but so far so good :tup: I still have red marks from previous break outs, but no new blemishes since I started using it. My main concern isn't just the breakouts and the red marks, but the fact that I've been left with at least two small scars on my face in the last year (vs. none before, and I'm in my mid 20s) I'm pretty much desperate to keep the breakouts at bay right now, as I don't want to risk ruining my skin permanently. As for the goggles, I don't wear them, but I keep my eyes closed. If I used it in a well lit room I can open my eyes without discomfort, but if the room is dark the light is really strong so I try to always keep them closed, just in case.

    Can you use it while it's still plugged in? I didn't think you could. Right now, the lack of battery capacity is my biggest peeve with the Tanda. I have to re charge it for a few minutes to be able to finish treating my entire face, and I never have enough battery to use the red light when I'm finished. Either way, I'm a fan, so thanks for recommending this! :yahoo:
  15. Yup:yes:. THis way I *think* it just takes the power from the outlet without draining the battery. hehe, no problemo, I"m glad it's working out for you too! :tup: