Heard of La Perle anybody?

  1. Hey all!! Has anybody checked out La Perle??? They claim to be connected to La Perle Shopping centers in HK and those are legit and huge! My question is.....can anybody please tell me if buying from the web site will be advisable??:confused1:
  2. Not advisable at all. If they sell Lv, clearly that means they are fake since Eluxury is the ONLY authorized online retailer.
  3. Yep, very FAKE! Do a search on tPF ^^ to read all bout it.
  4. Thanks ya'll....how do I do a search again? I'm totally new to this site!!
  5. Thanks a lot!! Ohmygawwwwwwwwwdddddddddd...these people are getting veryyyyyyyyyyy brave and apparently, will stop at NOTHING to con ppl!!! I'll stick to the boutique or eluxury. One question, I've noticed that LV pieces sometimes purchased from eluxury are stamped as 'Made in USA'. Is that possible??? I thought ALL LV pieces are made in France??
  6. You're welcome :smile:
    And LV's can be made in either USA, Spain or France. All are stamped "Louis Vuitton Paris made in _____" though. The blank is filled in with the country it was made in. Also, different accessories like shoes or scarves or the limited edition runway bags like the lambskin Vienna line or others that are similar can be made in Italy.
  7. yep... my azur speedy 25 is made in USA, and my azur pochette was made in Spain. most of my other bags were made in France.

    but anyway, that site disgusts me~
  8. Total fake. LVs are not sold anywhere online except eluxury.com. And the bags (especially new ones) will never be sold under retail. You gotta realize that LV increases their prices every year...so if you see someone selling them for way cheaper, they are fakes

  9. Yeah...I heard they increase by about 4% yearly. These replica-mongers are getting really 'good' at what they do though. Now, they're going into advertising that they are retailing from overseas stores! (like the darn la perle). There's another one too.....EuroBella....heard of that one?
  10. The only legit La Perle I know is my local restaurant :biggrin:
  11. Just stay away from any online buying that isn't eluxury.com, neimanmarcus.com or Saks.com (or the actual designer's website). Eluxury is the only place online where you can buy new LV and there isn't currently ANY site where you can buy Chanel.