Heard enough of Metalic Black reissue, any photo to share?

  1. Hi, would really like to see a photo of it...anybody has one?
  2. yeah, me too. I'm dying to see a black metallic reissue!
  3. Yes please!Anyone???TIA!:search:
  4. Me Too!!!
  5. me three!!

    speaking of which

    what is the difference between the reissue, the classic style, etc?

    I used to think it was whether the lock was a interlocking C logo or the .. mademosielle? lock? the rectangular one, but I think I was wrong?

    someone please clear this up :smile: thanks
  6. This is what I know,

    2.55 is the one that coco created, usually has the mademoiselle lock and always have NO interlacing leather on the chain.

    Classic flap is the ont Karl created, usually has the CC lock but was recently released with the mademoiselle lock. Usually has the classic chain with intertwining leather but was recently released with a 'modern chain' which has no intertwining leather.
  7. i want to see it too!!
  8. [​IMG]
  9. hi, saw this photo at the Celeb with Chanel thread, this is Sienna Miller, do you think she is wearing a Metallic nlack reissue?
    Thanks rainbow_rose for the photo. hope you don't mind me borrowing it.
  10. No, it's black patent. Looks gorgeous on her!
  11. oh thanks, imgg. Just wondering if the metallic black would be as shinny as the patent, any idea?
  12. probably not. probably more of a muted shine is my best guess...maybe someone who has been to the trunk show can better answer your question though!
  13. Saw the metalic black reissue at the trunk show. It has rutherium hardware. IMO, it's not as stunning as last year's black patent reissue with Gold hardware.
  14. Hi, so how do you find the leather, is it a 'muted' version as compared to the patent?
  15. Yeah, kinda muted.