Heard a Rumor

  1. While wandering around the Short Hills mall last night after exchanging my big bklyn bag for the smaller one I was in the Chanel store talking to a manager.
    She told me that ACT II has some purple, coral, pink and other wonderful colors for flaps.....She told me to hold out on another black bag and wait.....So I am waiting patiently now. Who is with me?
  2. Oh how cool would that be? I missed purple the last time around...
  3. Cool beans...Let us know if you here anything else!!
  4. Are they the coco croco?
  5. It's true, the SA at selfridges told me the same. I think it is the coco crocos in satin.
  6. yes they are coco croco. she said NM ordered some of the more fabulous colors......
  7. Although the colors are quite enticing, paying almost $2900 for a satin bag seems overpriced and when I voiced that to a Chanel SA, she said she didn't understand the price point either. After all, these are fabric bags. Perhaps the unusual quilting is labor intensive; however, they cannot be refurbished like its leather counterparts. The question will be how many customers will be so taken in by the colors that the rest of the equation is dismissed.
  8. I'm totally with you Jmen I wouldn't pay $2900 for a satin bag either? Bring on brightly coloured Caviars anyday!
  9. When I first checked with my SA in Toronto with classic flaps, she mentioned there will be colored flaps later on, i.e. purple. But she didn't say when they will be in. I hope she will keep me posted.:tup: ( I think she meant leather flap as well)
  10. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! bright colored classic flaps! oh yeahhhhhhh!! :yahoo:
  11. I must find a purple!!
  12. My FLA SA just called me...She thinks the pruple and turquiose colored ones are TDF.They come in Jersey and satin...and run 2-3000ish..UGH..Way too much for a fun bag IMHO.Id rather spend that kind of money on an everyday bag ...
  13. Yeah, that's overpriced for a satin bag.
  14. Too bad those gorgeous colors aren't coming in caviar... I'd be all over them!! I can't wait until the blue caviar flap I saw in the reference library comes out though!! :drool:
  15. They suck! I want CAVIAR fun colored flaps! Not something I can buy from the arts and crafts store with a $3000 ticket price.