Hear Ye, Hear Ye, BOX Is Back!

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  1. Yahoo :yahoo: I got a call from my store - my Box Birkin is in!! :yahoo:

    After all that fuss and worry about Box leather being in slow production, I was thinking I would be lucky if mine turns up next year. And now they tell me it's here!

    I've instructed the store to keep mine sealed in its storage box until I can make a trip there next week. No other woman's fingerprint is gonna stain my precious Box without my permission!!

    So rejoice all who are still waiting for their Box Birkins or Kellys - it's coming soon I bet :yes: Photos will be posted when I bring mine home :yahoo:
  2. Yeah!!!!!!!
  3. Woohoo!!! :yahoo:
  4. And now I feel a wee bit guilty for pumping my store manager for dates - I asked her a few times when my Box is coming and she kept telling me it would take longer than usual due to the shortage etc...I must have given her a bit of pressure oops.
  5. what color did you get again Misspiggy?? Congrats, and we'll all be waiting for the pictures!
  6. Great News!!! Congratulations:yahoo:
  7. LUCKY YOU! Full report on that baby when you can!!!
  8. Wow, that's soooooo exciting!!! Congratulations!
  9. DAMNNNNNNNNN!!!!!! Girl, 2 Birkins in a Month!!! you go girl!
  10. can't wait for the pic. what size is it?
  11. Heeheehee I won't do the photo-tease act but I'll keep the color bit a mystery until I post photos :supacool: Just don't stone me when you see it. Keep the gusses coming...I can hear the groans already coz I'm so boring :P
  12. It's a 35 with gold hardware....hang in there for the pics :yes:
  13. hum... a little mystery here... ok ok.. I can handle it... where's my popcorn :popcorn:
  14. wow, congrats!!!!! cannot wait for the pics!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. it's been raining boxs around here lately! I bet it's a raisin or rouge H color! congratulations and post pics as soon as you get it!