Healthy Tips for small weight loss

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  1. Hi everyone... so, here's the deal. I have an event on March 3rd that I have to attend. I am planning on wearing a dress that I bought a few years back and have not yet worn. Problem: It is too tight. It's very close to fitting, so it's not like I need to drop 10 pounds. I am already cutting out sugar from my diet (the rest of my diet is pretty good) and I am kicking the exercise program into high gear. I also will be drinking Green tea daily (it'll make me feel like I'm helping my metabolism, even if it isn't). Does anyone have any other suggestions on how to lose ideally 2-3 pounds HEALTHILY in this amount of time? Thanks in advance!
  2. dont start to do everything at once. take it slowly. introduce cutting out sugar for a few days then add drinking green tea. increase the ammount of working out you do slowly also.

    doing everything at once will burn you out so fast youll hate it! just work on one or two things every couple of days.
  3. sounds like you're doing good...don't forget to drink lots of'll get rid of any bloating and flush the salt out of your body. and do lots of cardio but like batgirl said take it easy :yes:
  4. Thanks!! I am definitely going to take your advice... cross your fingers that my dress fits in 2 weeks!
  5. When I need quick weight loss, I eat less calories than I burn. That's the simplest formula. For me, that means cutting down my calorie intake to 2,000 per day and adding a brisk walk after lunch.
  6. how are you doing so far?
  7. eat some yogurt after big meals... it is a probiotic and it helps with your digestion. you can also try a tbsp of apple cider vinegar... (this REALLY helps curb your appetite)

    for exercise... walk more especially stairs... it'll help your legs and your stomach and its so subtle you wont even know you are exercising... and you can add mini ankle weights