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Jan 8, 2007
Hi all, me and my SO are currently embarking on a new journey of exercising and eating very healthily. Please post your healthy recipes here! (Can be absolutely anything--we are looking for dinner recipes mostly though, but would love to hear anything that anyone has to say about this.) To tell you a little bit about our lifestyle, I work a 40 hours a week office job so I find that to work an 8 hour shift in a very stressful environment, I have to eat and be filled. I've been bringing things that I've found in our local grocery store to eat/snack on like apple slices, fruits that I pack in clear baggies, yogurt, and mini salads. (so many people in the office snack on large bags of candy all day long--so tempting.) We are allowed to keep drink (water) and some food on our desk. My SO works full time as well. Our struggle is mostly healthy dinner recipes. Does anyone have any recipes to share that can be good for you? Thanks so much :P


Mar 27, 2009
Some of my favourites:
Hawaiian Chicken (you need a slow cooker but they are a godsend if you work long hours- put it on in the morning and come home to dinner ready!):

Caramel Salmon:

Chicken Teriyaki (serve with steamed veggies & brown rice):

I also highly recommend Get the Glow by Madeleine Shaw, everything I have made from her cookbook has been delicious and healthy (steak with parsnip chips is the bomb!).