healthy grocery list?

  1. Going grocery shopping this friday. Would love your suggestions for healthy foods.

    Dietary Limitations
    *no carbonated juices or beverages (I just dont like them)
    *no red meat or pork

    would love ideas- I get so overwhelmed at the grocery store

    (note- we do not have trader joe's or whole foods, I hate MN/ND lol....had TONS in MA)
  2. I always buy eggs (the whites are ~20 calories each, all protein, no carbs fat or cholesterol), 1% organic milk, whatever fruits and veggies are a good deal and organic chicken. If there's an amazing sale on something freezable, I peel it chop it or whatever else I need to do and portion it into single use/serving freezer bags. I also keep my coffee, loose tea, flour and other grains in the freezer so they don't get stale. People think it's kind of insane but I save a lot of money this way and it's nice to have lots of healthy ingredients on hand!
  3. Healthy items I always have on hand:

    *Frozen spinach, green beans, broccoli, etc (whatever you like)
    *Canned artichokes (in water), tuna (in water and some italian), chicken broth, beef broth olives, chick peas, crushed tomatoes, diced tomatoes, and sun dried tomatoes packed in olive oil
    *low fat milk
    *fresh fruit & veggie staples (whatever you like and eat all the time)
    *olive oil (i use it for EVERYTHING)
    *cheese (usually fresh mozzarella and the low-fat shredded cheddar/monteray jack mix)
    *balsamic, raspberry balsamic, and red wine vinegars
    *onions and garlic!!
    *loads of spices and kosher salt
    *whole grain breads/snacks (pita chips or crackers...which i love with roasted garlic hummus!!)
    *almonds, walnuts, and pecans
    *organic peanut butter
    *dried cranberries (good as a snack or in oatmeal & salad)
    *whole grain pasta & brown rice
    *sugar in the raw
    *tea :smile:
    *low fat yogurt
    *butter (i know, seems odd to be on the healthy list, but in moderation, its okay, and MUCH better for you than margarine)
  4. ^^^^All of the above are in my staples too.

    I also always have frozen Dill in the freezer and I buy organic chicken breasts and some fish once a week.
  5. Without making a list, I read somewhere that if you stay in the outer aisles only, you'll end up w/ a healthier cart. That makes sense, b/c most processed foods and snacks are in the inner aisles.
  6. avocados
    Kashi cereal
    garbanzo beans and kidney beans (I eat them right out of the can.)
    olive oil
  7. SOOO true - If I walk the circumference of the grocery store - or I should say, a horseshoe, that's where I get about 80% of my groceries. I only hop down the tea/coffee aisle, the pasta and rice aisle, and then the baking goods aisle (flour, sugar). I SKIP most other things unless I need more cat litter or toilet paper or diapers. I NEVER thought about how it is almost all the outer aisles. Of course, the produce section is like three aisles all to itself, but even then I stay on the outer wall and ignore the prepackaged salads and such.
  8. I never thought about that, but it does make sense.
  9. We always get

    fat free milk
    fat free yogurt
    fat free sour cream
    no cheese - we love it but special occasions only now
    I can't believe its not butter spray
    fresh fish
    canned tuna
    Whole grain crackers
    Whole wheat bread
    whole grain/low carb syrian
    Barilla plus pasta (content wise better for you than the whole grain pasta in the brown box & tastes MUCH better, to me anyway)
    Heathy cereal where sugar is not one of the top ingrediants
    Cereal bars
    100 calorie pack pop corn
    veggies- fresh, frozen & canned
    boneless skinless chicken breast
    ground turkey or chicken burgers
    all the makings for a healthy salad
    lots and lots of water
    I do stock up on lean cuisines/healthy choices (I bring these to work)
  10. This is all we get. We LOVE IT. Full of good stuff and PROTEIN. It allows us to have a nonmeat meal and still get the protein we need and I think it tastes the best of ALL pastas made. As much as I WANTED to like Whole Wheat pasta (as I love Whole Grain everything else), I just couldn't stomach it. I couldn't put my finger on it, but something wasn't right, but Barilla Plus is fab!

    We also get a really nice pancake mix. I used to just make homemade whole wheat with added wheat germ pancakes, but then I discovered (I think it's hodgson's mill) Pancake mix with flax seed and soy chips - GREAT for fiber and protein (so no sugar drop) and we all LOVE how it tastes. I make them for moms club playgroup and the kids DEVOUR them and then the moms are convinced that they really must be good if they eat them like a cookie with NO syrup or other sweetener. Can't recall the name off the top of my head, but I'll report back on it. I ALWAYS have a box of this at home.
  11. ^ I agree re: Barilla. I tried the Rozoni brand of whole wheat and it was so AWFUL. I wanted to love it, but could not do it.
  12. thanks! I love grocery shopping but with a budget and only my mum and I, we usually only go 1x every 2 weeks and spend around $150. Neat idea about staying away from those inner sections...oh darn, thats where the muffins are ;) lol
  13. here is little trick i learned. all the essentials that you need are on the OUTSIDE perimeter of the grocery store. think about it.. veggies, fruits, breads.. all the fatty stuff like cakes, soda, chips are in the middle. so think about shopping more on the outside!

    oh crud. elizat beat me. tear.