"Healthy" Fruit/Tea Drinks?

  1. Hey!

    The other day when I was in the gas station looking for a refreshing but low (or no) calorie beverage, I realized my options were pretty limited outside of diet soda (which I am trying to stop drinking).

    So my question is this:

    Does anyone have any suggestions about good fruit or tea drinks that are GOOD for you but TASTE good, too?

    When I am at my local health food store, there are a ton, but I am talking about the more 'main stream' ones you find everywhere.

  2. Can you make/bring your own drinks?

    I like water with a bit of lemon squeezed in.

    Otherwise, if you want something without the bubbles, you can try a small can of fruit juice (which has caloried obviously but also vitamins). I very much like to drink tomato juice, which is quite low in calories and very healthy. Or just buy a bottle of spring water.
  3. I don't really like the taste of plain water, so I brew about 1.5 - 2 liters of fruit tea, put a tad bit of sugar in it for taste and then put it in the fridge. It's all natural and the little bit of sugar that's in it doesn't make much of a calorie impact, unlike those drinks that are bought in stores and are loaded with sugars!

    Also, I like to mix fruit juices with sparkling water (more water than juice of course!)
  4. Thanks for the ideas, ladies!

    I get sooo frustrated b/c I will see a "Fruit Juice" drink and then read the nutrition label and it has like 30 grams of sugar...eck!

    I really love Snapple Diet Teas but unfortunately, alot of places just sell the regular kind. :sad:
  5. crystal ligh and lipton, tastes really good and it has like 5 or 10 calories plus no sugar. Lipton green tea is great, I love it and it has a little of cafeine that gives me the energie I need sometimes and many antioxidants too.

    Whether iced or hot, Teas made from real tea leaves provide more than great taste. Like fruits and vegetables, regular and decaffeinated brewed teas contain natural antioxidants called flavonoids* (10-22, 68, 69). Research suggests that antioxidants can be beneficial to health by helping the body protect itself from the harmful effects of “free radicals” (1-9, 26-30, 73-75). Free radicals, molecules which occur in the environment and are naturally produced by the body, can cause damage to cells.
  6. There's a brand of teas called Honest Teas...can get them sweetened/unsweetened, caffeinated, no caffeine...they make many varieties and they are pretty good! Here is their site: http://www.honesttea.com/Index.php

    Also, republic of tea recently came out with bottled tea drinks...and they make a thing for the refrigerator that looks like a box of wine and is full of tea :smile:. The pomegranate green tea was really good...it was not sweet at all though, not sure what you like. Here is their site as well: http://www.republicoftea.com/
  7. ^Yes, I was going to suggest Honest Tea. It tastes good, and isn't cloying like a lot of mainstream teas and fruit juices can be.

    On the whole, however, I think a lot of those "healthy" fruit/tea drinks are not good for you. They're usually loaded with sugar. Even Smart Water! Why don't people just drink water and take a vitamin? No sugar, almost no calories, and all the benefits!
  8. Great suggestions everyone! Looks like I need to hit the grocery store!
  9. I love those Crystal Light On-the-Go packets. My favorites are the raspberry green tea and the lemonade. :tup: I usually just drink plain water, but when I want something a bit different these are perfect. So is adding a slice of lemon.
  10. i loooove tea!!

  11. I cant stand water either & I would like to start drinking these, but I keep hearing that Crystal Light contains aspartme (sp) or something like that lol which isn't supposed to be good for you. Does anyone know about this?
  12. How bout Lifewater by Sobe... It tastes good and contains lots of vitamins & antioxidants... I like the citrus one and strawberry kiwi..
  13. I like Vitamin Water myself.
  14. Diet fruit V8 juice!!!!!!! If you like it. It's only 10 calories for 8oz. and it's very filling as opposed to diet sodas.

    Propel by Gatorade. Also 10 per 8oz. but not as filling.

    Crystal Light. You can take the little single serve packets around to fill water bottles.

    Some light soy milks. Like 8th continent makes a particularly low calorie light soy milks and it's very filling.

    Special K protein water. Just saw a commercial for it haha but haven't tried it.
  15. I second the Vitamin Water; the essential (orange-orange) is especially good.