Healthy and delicious snacks

  1. What are your favorite healthy and delicious snacks? Here is my list :biggrin:

    Fruits (esp those you can dip in peanut butter)
    Cut veggies, like carrots and celery (again, peanut butter!!! organic tho)
    Trail mix
    Handful of honey nut cheerios
    Wheat Thins

    There are a ton, so share your snacks.. esp those with creative ones :smile:
  2. I love rice cakes. I do brown rice cakes with maybe a fruit spread, or sometimes add a slice of turkey to it with some dressing. Love it! I also take Luna Bars with me all the time. I make some of my own trail mixes too- I love peanuts but try not to add too many because they are a bit more fattening. I do hummus all the time- hummus with veggies or some corn chips. And then i make a great bean dip with black beans, red peppers, cut up onion, lime, sweet corn, and some other stuff- really good!
  3. - Oatmeal! I love fixing mine with fruit (blueberries, raspberries, sliced strawberries or diced peaches), chopped walnuts, Splenda and a bit of cinnamon :love: It's also good with a scoop of vanilla flavored whey protein powder mixed in, to boost protein intake.

    - Whole wheat toast with natural peanut butter

    - Low fat cottage cheese with sliced peaches, pineapple chunks or sugar free apricot jam :love:

    - Low fat vanilla yogurt with granola and fresh berries mixed in

    - Sliced apples with natural peanut butter
  4. ^ Cristina you are my kind of snaker!!
  5. i love:

    low fat cottage cheese with peaches or other fruits sliced in
    banana blended with ice cold skim milk
    fruit slices dipped in yogurt
  6. dried shiitake mushrooms.
    dried mango slices

    really good for when I get late afternoon munchies
  7. Yay! :nuts: I love snacking :amuse:
  8. at the moment, i enjoy snacking on grapes, cherry tomatoes, and other fruits... :smile: i think this sub thread will make me eat healthier!!! :smile:
  9. i am trying to eat more fruits (apples, oranges, pears, etc).. and at times, some chips but since I don't eat lots of it (I get bored with the same taste after 5 times I eat the same food), I gues that's not as bad.. but gosh, I really would benefit from eating healthier foods..
  10. raw almonds and grapes..yummy!;)
  11. great thread!

    my favorites:
    smart pop kettle corn...mmmmm
    melons. cantaloupe and honeydew most often.
    those nabisco 100 calorie packs...i love the oreos and chips ahoy ones better than the normal cookies. :smile: this is more if i'm craving something sweet as opposed to actually being hungry.
    celery and salsa! peanut butter is too dangerous calorie wise for me. :smile:
    sweet potatoes
    chicken broth (weird i know, but it totally fills me up until i my next meal)
    lettuce (like pre made salad mix)
    triscuits and fat free string cheese
    hummus. mmm.
    toast with low fat mozzerella melted on it

    man i like weird snacks. and now i'm hungry. :smile:

    cristina: i eat my oatmeal with splenda and cinnamon too! i sometimes add a teensy bit of nutmeg and some applesauce. it's like apple cobbler without the guilt. :smile:
  12. Yes! That's exactly how I think of it :lol: When I dice half a peach and put it in the oatmeal, add the Splenda, cinnamon and walnuts, I'm thinking I'm having cobbler from Cracker Barrel. Without the extra 843907 calories, of course :P
  13. Pineapple
    Spicy Nori
  14. I love yogurt, vanilla or blueberry!
    Low fat ice cream or frozen yogurt,yum!
    Sometimes those oatmeal cookies or just regular cookies.
    Apple and orange and banana. Also strawberry! This thread make me hungry.
  15. Snacks:

    White bean dip with roasted garlic that I can just eat by itself.
    Low-fat yogurt
    Low fat cottage cheese with salsa, peaches or pineapples
    Fruit of any kind really
    Chocolate Soymilk (so bad, I know...)
    Broth (vegetable or chicken to tie me over too!)

    I really need to include more veggies into my snacking. I can't think of too many great ways for a simple snack. I use them often as a side dish though.