Food *Healthier* Ways to Prepare Tuna


Sep 14, 2007
Canned tuna seems to be my go to food year in and year out. so ive tried to get a bit creative and avoid mayo, ive tried avacado, italian tuna (packed in evoo), and when i do make it with mayo, i add some vinegar to cut back on the mayo. how do you guys prepare it? any ideas im missing?


Sep 21, 2007
What about Miracle Whip or fat free mayo? Lemon juice w/ hot sauce is good too- sounds weird, but I kind of like it.

You could also try Dijon mustard or that Dijonaise (sp?) stuff. It tastes pretty good and I think it is fat free w/ low calories too. Add in some pickles and it would probably be good. If you like spicy mustard, I think that would be good w/ a little mayo to make it creamy, if you like that texture.


Dec 3, 2006
For years my parents would take us out to lunch at the Fresh Cafe at Neimans downtown Chicago. We would go at least twice a month after an early morning of shopping. They used to make the best tuna salad. Defnitely wasn't skimpy on cals, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to add!

They would add pecans and water chestnuts to give it a crunch! I loved it so much, I began to make it at home that way. It never tastes as good though! These days I won't order tuna salad when I'm out, it's chock full of mayo- which can pose many safety issues!


Prima Donna Assoluta
Oct 15, 2006
You can try it mexican style! Just finely chop onion, tomato, and a jalapeño (if you like it hot), then mix it with the tuna. This combo of veggies is called "pico de gallo", and, well, how much healthier than fish and veggies?

Also, I just wanted to add my Weight Watchers let me use 3 teaspoons of either oil, butter or mayo a day. I find one can of tuna and 2 teaspoons of mayo makes it creamy enough but is still within how much fat I can eat. Just so you know that if you keep portion control, mayo is OK.


More please =]
Mar 6, 2007
oo i dont know about my way being healthier...but i always add a bunch of different things to my tuna....little bit of mayo, mustard, ranch and italian dressing, chopped pickles, hot sauce, and salt and pepper..yup that's how i like my tuna! lol


A taste for the arts
Oct 7, 2006
I love this recipe that I found in my South Beach cookbook. I use one less teaspoon olive oil and I've found it tastes just as great. I don't bother serving it on romaine most of the time, we just throw it in a bowl and eat it. DH and I go nuts when I make this one, it's so delicious. Here's a link: