Health Question for those of you with toddlers....

  1. This has been bothering me for over a week now and I gotta get some feedback from some mommies in here.
    Last week, my niece and her husband spent a couple of days with us and brought their 2 young boys ages 2 and 3. The 3 year old seems to get congested alot and the first night he vomited in his sleep. Thank God he was sleeping with his parents (not so good for my sheets!) and they were able to pick him up and clean him, etc. I asked them if he had a fever and very nonchalantly they said "oh he does this sometimes. He gets very congested and he'll throw up at night."
    I ask them if they have asked their doctor about it and they say, "the doctor thinks we're crazy. they don't think there is anything wrong with him" to which I say, "then you should find another doctor!"
    I am so frightened that he is going to vomit in his sleep and choke. Am I overreacting here? I don't have kids. Can't take the stress!
  2. No, you are not overreacting. It is definitely not normal for a child to throw up like that and if he has a fever that indicates that his body is fighting an infection. They need to get him to a good doctor. If he were my child I would be very concerned.:sad:
  3. Not sure how to answer this.

    Yes, it is dangerous for him to vomit in his sleep, as it is possible to aspirate and/or drown in a TINY amount of fluid (you can technically drown drinking a glass of water).

    There are often times things that people are so use to happining that it is no big deal to them. I friend's husband will often pass out for no reason. They have done a great deal of medical tests on him and they have no idea why this happens. All they know is that he has no other medical issues, he is in great health, and that this also occurs in 2 of his brothers and his father.

    So, this could be one of those types of events for your niece and her hubby.

    Did you clean the sheets? If so what kind of emesis was it? Did it have food in it or was it mostly bile (green hue to it). Was it mucosy? How much was there? Was this during the night or shortly after going to bed? Pretty much every detail you can think of would help.

    Not trying to diagnose over the net, but rather trying to have an idea of what was going on so I can make a suggestion.
  4. yeah, not normal.
    I can see how congestion would make a child gag thus vomit as well, but to allow it is ridiculous as it can cause long term damage to teh esophagus among other things.
    They need to see a competent Doc soon IMO, the baby deserves it.
  5. The risk of aspiration is fairly small, given that the child is 3. Yes, it could happen, but the child is old enough to be able to move and cough in his sleep.

    However, I VERY much agree that they need to find another physician pronto. For that to happen once in a blue moon when a child is ill is one thing, but to say that "he does this sometimes" is not good! It isn't normal, and a fever and congestion that bad should be treated, not laughed off!
  6. this also could cause some long term sleep issues. . . like bed wetting, being afraid to go to sleep, sleeplessness. . . .
  7. Swanky brings up a good point. Not only would the child's esophagus could possibly be damaged, but so would the boy's teeth. (The stomach acid would wear away the enamel.)
  8. he did not have a fever according to them and when I went in to see what was happening, he looked normal and was smiling.

    Addicted DH: there were some pieces of food in the sheets and everything was yellowish so it could have been alot of bile or mucus.

    Swanky: They did have trouble getting him to go to sleep (probably cause he was in a strange bed, strange house etc.) So thats why he was sleeping with them...

    Arg! These two are very young parents and I don't want to be bossy with them. I think I'll call her father (my brother) tonight and see if he can push them into finding a new pediatrician. This just didn't seem like a normal thing to me either...

    Caitlin: good point. will share that info with my bro who also happens to be a Paramedic/Fire Capt. so I wonder how aware he is of this going on cause I can't believe he wouldn't say something to them....they live around the corner from each other...
  9. I think it's not normal and they should see another doctor since there are huge differences in compotence of doctors.
  10. I just got off the phone with my brother and he said he would have a talk with them cause he says they told him but made it sound like it wasn't a big deal. I told him what they told me, that this happens more than once.
    Whats wrong with these kids? I feel like a naggy tattling aunt but I could not in good conscience say nothing could I? I feel like a big wiener.
  11. Sounds like a post nasal drip making him gag.My 11 yr old gets like that when her allergies are really bad or when she has a sinus infection.It could be as simple as needin allergy meds full time.BUT he really should get checked too.Tay used to puke ALL the time at night cuz of it.It was awful....once we got her on good meds...she was good.
    I hope they find a solution.
    I always propped pillow under the head of the mattress to elevate the head of the bed.It would stop her from gagging..also a humidifier in her room helped too.
  12. But you're a big wiener who's looking out for her nephew's well-being. ;)
  13. OH ...also.....due to TAYS severe allergies..We took all her stuffed animals and anything else that could house a ton of dust mites..OUT of her room.ANY allergist will tell u to do that and see what happens.
  14. Sorry Bagnshoo, I misread the part in your post about the fever.:blush: I would still take him to see a doctor though. You can never be too careful with children. You're not a naggy, tattling auntie, you're a wonderful, caring one.
  15. I was thinking exactly the same thing before I read Jill's post. My son had the same problem, he'd snuffle, gag and then throw up - and then be perfectly fine. A pillow helps a lot. He had it from the time he was about 2 1/2 until he was about 4-5.

    My son's problem cleared up of it's own accord. He still has some mild coughing some nights during allergy season, though. His doctor said that it didn't need any special treatment.