Health problems


Mar 29, 2020
Hello guys! I’d like to hear your opinion about my problem. It will also be great if you share your experience.
I had a DVT 4 years ago. This happened due to the fact that I had an extensive operation and the doctor didn’t warn me about stopping taking birth control pills. I also violated a few more rules that could affect this to happen. I had tests for clotting disorders and I tested negative. I also had a consultation with a hematologist in my country and he said that it’s ok for me to have a PS. But I'm still not sure about how Korean surgeons can react to a such backstory.
I totally understand all the risks and the fact that I should be more careful than completely healthy people and that I have to follow certain rules (such as wearing compression stockings, maybe undergo some kind of preparatory therapy and etc).
Have any of you had plastic surgery in Korea while not being perfectly healthy? I’m just trying to understand, will my story be a big problem?
P.S. I’m planing a FC surgery


New Member
Dec 4, 2020
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