Health Insurance Question-My foot has a problem.

  1. I have been putting this off b.c I am clueless on what to do...
    If anyone can enlighten me please help!

    I have medical insurance from work and I have a problem with my foot/ankle.

    My question is....where do I get started if I wanted to get my foot checked out?

    How do I know what type of doctor to go see?

    I am completely clueless! :confused1:

    Thank u for any help, its muchly appreciated!!!
  2. It's hard to tell unless I could read your medical plan. Check out Human Resources/Personnel to see if you need to make an appointment with a general/internal medicine doctor first.
    Good luck and hope you feel better soon.
    What happened to your foot/ankle?
  3. ^

    Thank you. So I should contact Human resources to explain to them & see what they suggest I do?

    I fell on the side of my foot *4* years ago and ignored it. (bad, I know)

    I haven't been able to wear perfomance type sneakers, or any high heels at all.

    When I do try to run/jog, my foot feels like a millions needles are pinning my foot and it would cramp up too.

    And now...lately something diff has happened...I wear flats most of the time, and when I do too much stairs or wear slightly high heel shoes, the back of my ankle HURTS when I walk.

    Now that I have medical insurance, I really want to get it checked out.
  4. It depends on what medical plan you have with your employer. Usually (with HMO plans), you would have to go see your primary care physician first and they would refer you to a specialist that will be able to help you with your foot problem. Your primary care physician should be the general/internal medicine doctor that you chose when you first enrolled in the medical plan.

    Like lovehermes said, you could visit your HR dept at work and they will be able to guide you in the right direction as they know exactly what medical plan you enrolled in. best of luck! :smile:
  5. You sound like me with my knee. I dislocated it about fourteen years ago and haven't done anything except maybe for physical therapy. I've been babying it all this time by avoiding stairs and high heels, but still afraid of surgery. really sounds like you need to see a doctor soon if you don't want to continue wearing flats and avoiding stairs.
  6. Thanks Lokailyve & love hermes for the responses!

    I dont think I would mind surgery. I want it to get better so that I can at least be a normal person to be able to work out and wear cute shoes!

    I will call HR tomorrow if they are open to inquire.
  7. If it's really bad, go to the website of your insurance plan, sign up under the member section with the info on your card, and do a search to see where your local primary care physician would be. Then call and say you're a new patient, give them your insurance carrier info, and get an appointment!

    Usually the insurance company websites are pretty helpful.
  8. I think it's easiest to call the number on the back of your insurance card and speak to a representative. After some preliminary inquiries - insurance ID, group number, date of birth they will be happy to explain to you the kinds of care that are available to you and will be paid for by the policy.

    I've always found it best to talk to a human and make sure about the details before I go ahead and schedule an appointment. If you need to register with a primary care physician and have not done so, the representative will do that also.
  9. I would not start with HR cause they don't need to know your business. Look on the back of your card, see what it you have a PCP? Probably start there.
  10. Oy, get thee to a foot doctor immediately! Please don't delay any longer, even if your health insurance doesn't cover it. Your health is worth the office visit!
  11. Oh, wow, this sounds just like me- I fell when I was 9 months pregnant two and a half years ago, and in the process of making sure I didn't land on my belly, badly twisted my foot instead. I should have gone to the doctor then, as I couldn't walk well for a month afterwards, but I was already going through the weirdness of a first kid and decided to suck it up. Now I can no longer do any kind of high impact workouts, and heels are painful as all getout. I have no idea what ind of doctor to see, though- a podiatrist, a sports injury person?

    LouisLady, please keep us updated on what you decide to do!