Healing your jeans

  1. Denim Therapy- Healing your Jeans

    [​IMG] A NYC based company, Denim Therapy offers a healing service for your jeans. Claiming to repair and restore any jeans no matter what state, the company uses a resurrection service where denim thread is re-sewn into the jean to mimic the original grain, wash, wear, colour and feel, with each pair requiring a unique combination of materials.
    Understanding the attachment that people have to their favourite jeans the company offers a service that is as emotionally rewarding as it is environmentally friendly, and non-discriminating of whatever your favourite brand may be!
    Charging per inch of repair needed, and offering individual evaluations before repair as well as an international service (though the two-week turn-around time is obviously not possible), Denim Therapy are proving to be very popular- as the many happy customers on the site testify.
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