Heads Up

  1. The floorset date has been moved up, so expect new product out 28th i beleive.

    And, I noticed that there was a straw basket online before hitting the store, in a thread and remember it was legacy stripe lining inside, but the actual products are suppose to have watercolor stripe lining.

    there will also be a COLORFUL stripe added to the stripe collection.

    stay tuned!
  2. My SA did tell me that a new floorset will be in my outlet on Monday!
  3. Thanks for the insider tip, ms-whitney! New colorful stripe? Oooo...
  4. ^yuppppp i think i'm going to get the wristlet or makeup pouch.

    :/ no new bag for me. hehe. i have my eye on another ali but i'm getting the soho leather large satchel
  5. Thank you for the info! I love going into my Coach store and talking to the SAs. They always look at me like, "How can you possibly know about this stuff?" LOL - my little secret...
  6. New colorful stripe?!?! Oh man, better get my "eBay" on.....:wlae:
  7. lol, np!

    i always look forward to new floorsets, because by the time it comes, believe it or not, most of our shelves are empty, so there's nothing really to "sell".

    i always get excited and i love sharing it with people who share the same passion/love/like for coach.

    that's what tpf is for!
  8. now you have my attn...colorful stripe?!?!?!
  9. LOL yup!

    think signature stripe collection...now..the stripe is colorful...i hope you can imagine as i don't have any pics to show :sad: but it should be out soon!

    and this collection has something that looks like a messenger bag. :smile: there's also going to be some new fragrances (currently in the works).

    lol. everything i type i just remember something new =X
  10. yay, i can't wait, i like the strips
  11. Thanks for the info, ms-whitney!

    New fragrances? When?? :graucho:
  12. I saw the multi-function messenger bag in the multicolor stripe tonight and it is really cool looking!! I think I will have to have the tote when that comes out. I was able to see a lot of the new stuff that is coming out, lots of really nice stuff!!