heads up west coast girls

  1. gilmore girls at 9 here is the birkin episode - kou, fuschia ostrich birkin.
  2. Thanks Hi Heels!! :nuts:
  3. Thanks for the heads up. I am not a West Coast girl so I had to immediately turn it on. I think I have missed the bag, the grandparents are talking about the bag. I hope I get to see it.
  4. Ok, I have just seen it for a brief time. Is it ostrich??

    Edit to say, nevermind, I see in your original post it is ostrich. I need to learn to read.
  5. OOh - thanks!! I'll set my DVR!
  6. I looooove gilmore girls. Dont you love that they play it two hours of it in the summer?
  7. lol, omgd that is exactly what happened to me the first time they aired it. i heard the word and missed the bag. i was so upset. this time i saw the whole thing. cute.
  8. i aspire to have one ounce of the lorelei character's energy.
  9. I loved that episode. It cracked me up how more into the bag Emily was than Rory! When her & Richard were snooping around and she gasps and screams when she spots it. Too funny!:lol:
  10. Wah! Anyone has a screencap of this?
  11. I saw it...it was cute...she didn't know squat...but still lovely at the same time...:P
  12. Love GG! :heart:
    koukanamiya - here are some that I found. :flowers:
    Emily&Birkin1.jpg Emily&Birkin2.jpg Emily&Birkin3.jpg
  13. Thanks for the screencaps cate! :flowers: That would make a great avatar LMAO! I love the way she is smelling the bag! :lol:
  14. OMG those screen shots made me laugh all over again. Emily cracks me up!
  15. I am not familiar with this TV series, but the bag is GORGEOUS!