Heads up on a Fake Botkier seller

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  1. That's awful, geez!
  2. icK and this person's feedback is REALLY good. Someone unsuspecting wouldn't even think twice.

    Thanks for the heads up, Lexie.
  3. lol he claims they're authentic too. :sad:
  4. Yikes!!! Thanks for the heads up!
  5. Thank you for posting this, Lexie!
  6. OMG! I looked at that bag! Thanks for letting us know!
  7. its funny cos he spells them as botiker lol
  8. Thanks for the warning, Lexie. Glad to see that his listing ended without a sale. :yes:
  9. Thanks for the heads up
    You've got to love the fact that the bag looks totally different....So his excuse is that it's unique a limited edition sample.
    That pisses me off