Heads Up...Off White...Ring Leather Shoulder Bag @ Saks

  1. F.Y.I.

    Just wanted to let you gals know that there is a Off-White Ring Leather Shoulder Bag @ Saks. If any one is looking for one.

    You can call 1-504-524-2200; ask for Janice in Handbags. Tell her Faith sent you.
  2. [​IMG] This is the one.
  3. Is it on sale? How much?
  4. No it is not on sale...sorry :sad:. I just thought somebody but like this, because it is really not suppose to come out until March 24th. It is on presale right now @ N.M. and it was at Saks.com but they must have filled their presale orders. I just happen to see it there at Saks and thought someone might be looking for it.