Heads Up!! Macys Friends And Family 20% Off (includes Coach)

  1. I Was In The Store Today And My Sa Told Me That Friends And Family Is May 2nd!!! It Is The Only Time (besides Opening A Macys Card) That You Get 20% Off Coach... Sooooo If U Open A Card U Get 15 Or 20% (depending On Where You Are) Plus Another 20%!!! Just Ask Someone For The Card In The Store.. There Are Plenty Of Registers That Should Have It!!
  2. The only time this year? I got 20% off in November last year before Christmas. That began my whole Coach/designer bag problem. LOL! Thanks for the heads up!
  3. Thanks for the info!! So.....does EVERYONE get the Friends and Family discount for shopping on May 2nd or do you need an invite??
  4. yea wait i dont get how the whole thing works

    since i already have a macys card can i still get @ least the one 20% off or??

    how does it all work!? thanks!!! :smile:
  5. No its not only once a year it s about 2 or 3 times... usually around major holidays.. i think mothers day, labor day, and around christmas (early december)

    the coupon says you need an invite but most associates have it in their drawer or you can ask a fellow customer to let you borrow theirs. Also, if you are on the macys mailing list you get them online

    anyone can use it.. u dont have to use ur macys card to get it or even own a macys card!
  6. im on their mailing list, i didnt get an email yet :crybaby: hopefully i get it within the next 2 weeks.
  7. Thanks so much for letting us know about this.
    I think I will buy my Ergo Hobo from Macy's.
  8. So If I sign up for a macy's card I will get 15% plus 20% for the friends and family discount??

    I'm in Canada do you think I can still sign up for a card??
  9. How do you sign up for the mailing list?
  10. Is this online at all?
  11. yes! time for the large black ergo? i think so!
  12. You can go here https://www.macys.com/myinfo/register/index.ognc
    and register to receive emails from them. I'm on the mailing list and I got an email the last time they did a F&F....I can't remember, but I want to say that you could use it online...could be wrong though. And if you're in the store and don't have one, just ask the SA and they'll usually give you one....sometimes they just have them stacked up at the register. I had on once and was making a purchase and before I could give the lady my coupon to scan she just scanned one she had.
  13. Thanks for the info.
  14. they mail or email you the coupon usually the day right before so you re not gonna get it right away... also get on their physical m ailing list and they will mail the coupon to your home
  15. Great info!! Thanks so much. I just signed up. :yes:

    Thank you so much!!