Heads up, Large Chocolate Edith Availability

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  1. Hey, gals, My SA in Nordstrom sent me a large Chocolate Edith yesterday(she left VM saying she just sent out) since I preordered from her. But I forgot to cancel the order with her. So it is on the way to me now. If anyone interested, pls PM me cause I will send it back anyway and she has had a long list after me.

  2. PM'ed you. I'm still going back and forth between this size & medium. I thought I'd decided medium, but now not sure...!
  3. just PM u back.:biggrin:
  4. Please do post pics! I'd love to see the large Edith in yummy Chocolate!
  5. wait till I receive the bag, I definitely will post the pic here.;)
  6. Conseco, are you going to go for the large choco now? How exciting!

    P.S. - did you see FoxyCleopatra's new bronze City on the b-bag thread? She got the last one from Cricket.
  7. ET -- not sure yet... *still* going back and forth. You-know-who doesn't want it but now I'm thinking about it vs. the medium for me! btw, I saw her bronze bbag... so jealous!!
  8. The large chocolate Edith arrived today and here are the pics. If any PFer isinterested,pls PM me. If no one wants it, I will return to Nordstrom since there is a waiting list for it.

    The leather is very wrinklish and yummy.
    chloe_noflash.JPG chloe_choc.JPG chloe_choc1.JPG chloe_choc2.JPG
  9. Thanks for the heads up!
  10. Any takers yet?? I'm SO tempted!!!!
  11. Daisy,there is one PFer will let me know whether she wants or not by tomorrow....:biggrin:
  12. Thanks, Chloe. I may just put myself on a list just in case I don't like it (since I'm so fickle). Keep me posted though!
  13. How many Edith do you have right now? I may put my Chamoise large edith on WTT market place cause I am so in love with Whiskey and I think that is well enough a Edith for me.;)
    I definitely will keep you posted and will go to Nordies to return it this weekend unless someone wants it.
  14. Right now I have two mediums--Whiskey and Chamois. One should be enough for me as well but now I want a large. Since I'm not loving the Chamois color (in medium although I loved it in large, I'm so confused), I'm pretty sure I want chocolate but I haven't seen it in person. That's why I think it would be better for me to order from a store so I can have the return option. I have Nordstrom looking for me as we speak.

    D-oh.. only Chamois left "in the whole company". I never believe them when they say that. Where did your bag come from??
  15. Wow, the Chocolate Edith looks great!
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