1. Can you all do me a fave..I have been sticky-ing your PF meet ups for you..Please PM me when the meets are over so the sticky area doesnt get over cluttered with old threads!..then I can move them out...
    Thanks so much!:smile:
    Your ever so humble Gen Discussion mod..LOL

  2. Jill - thanks for moving mine, sorry I didnt let you know :flowers:
  3. Maybe there should be a own sub-category for meetings? I've seen other forums have sub-categories for "get togethers" etc etc.
  4. ^Thats what the stickies are for....
  5. i think sweetlove meant that the meet threads are going to take up half of the page soon :wtf: which is great because meets are lots of fun, but a big section of stickies can get a bit annoying as well..

    and then there's the advantage that you could make the meets section visible only to people with a certain number of posts which could be good if people want to post meet locations on the thread.
  6. The problem is the chances a meet would be in one particular city is low, and after a while, people will stop going to that category. Better to have stickies, I think...
  7. Hello, Jill! I'm new to this but wanted to let you know I'm about to create a thread for a PF meeting in Minneapolis at the Mall of America. Will you please create a sticky for us? Thanks so much! We'll be sure to alert you when our meeting is over so you can remove it!