Heads up: fashionconfidential.co.uk are offering a black Birkin in a prize draw...

  1. I guess sharing this will reduce my chance of winning, lol, nevermind, I never win anything.

    You need to sign up and submit an email address:


    The terms and conditions are here:


    It ends on 23rd September 2007

    All the details are in the website, I guess the down side is they get your email address, lol, I don't mind for the chance of a Birkin.
  2. What are the details of the birkin?

  3. [​IMG]

    No idea, but this is the picture from the website, looks like gold hardware, 35cm togo/clemence? I don't own a Birkin so I'm just guessing. That's assuming the photo they show is the bag you win, lol. I don't know anything about it other than I got sent an email from the company to urge me to enter - I signed up with them ages ago and they send me a newsletter every now and again. This particular competition caught my eye, I normally just delete everything in my inbox.
  4. ^^^^

    It's true, telling us at tPF will reduce your chances, but that's why your user name is "allaboutnice"... it describes you perfectly. Thanks for the heads up...
  5. thankyou
  6. Wowee! A birkin give-away? I wonder what H will think. Thanks so much for heads-up, allaboutnice!
  7. hmm.. do i have to live in the uk to qualify?
  8. thanks allaboutnice:smile: you really live up with your name:heart:
  9. I wondered about that, I really don't know. I glanced through the t&cs but no enlightenment there. Maybe someone needs to try and register to see if non-UK addresses are accepted. Eeeek, hope I haven't got everyone's hopes up with duff information :sad:
  10. Thank you allaboutnice!!
  11. thank youu:flowers: