Heads Up! Diamond Prices are about to SKYROCKET

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  1. If you're on the fence about a purchase right now and you have your eye on a stone RIGHT NOW, get it RIGHT NOW.

    There's an imminent 20+% jump coming.
  2. Could you elaborate please? Why do you say that? And will the increase in price be worldwide?
  3. Wow, really? That's a serious price hike!!
  4. Yes and yes. Definitely worldwide. This news came out of Antwerp. A lot of this is going to come ahead of the Hong Kong show in March, but some even sooner, could be as soon as next week. As supplies replenish themselves after Valentines... This sort of thing happened in 2010, huge "correction" around this same time. Pricing people out of the size ranges they were in.

    I've spoken with several dealers while working with people to find stones, and several cutters I speak to, just returned from buying trips and that's the pricing line. They're all trying to figure out how to handle the customers that they've been working with who are surely going to ask "why was this stone way cheaper last week!" It's been discussed a lot lately within the industry that rough in a lot of popular size ranges jumped, significantly, and the cut goods will translate even higher.

    So GET ON IT.
  5. Oh no!!! Thank you!!
  6. asked a silly question, just read the answer to it :smile:
  7. It was definitely unwelcome news... I am helping a lot of folks out with their searching right now, some family members and close friends, and while I knew there was going to be a slight increase, this was sooner and bigger than I think anyone was anticipating. I really am hoping supplies coming in are not super high, and that I can help these folks out before anything freaks out.
  8. i am meeting my jeweler today ! Ill be in touch
  9. Ill be around! PMs are faster!

    bring the cheat sheet!
  10. I actually had a suspicion last month that this was coming. Because I have been looking for a trade for a girlfriend and at the same time browsing stones like mine, and I noticed a pretty decent price jump already with that vendor. I had no idea it would be 20% though. Do you know why there will be a hike? Good for current value of my stone I guess but I was trying to get the hubby a nice stone too. Lol but he can't commit.
  11. What does this mean for melee? Say, .10-.15 pts? Same thing or relatively stable?
  12. ^^ I'm interested in the answer to this too! We still need to get our wedding bands- OF COURSE I want one with diamonds haha...
  13. Has it already started? I went to Tiffany to see what I can get for $40,000 and the SA pulled up a 1.5 carat, G color, VS2 for $40500 OR a 1.51 carat, H color, VVS1 for $38500

    Seems a bit ridiculous to me?? Or is that normal? She says 2 carat starts at $75000

    This is CDN$
  14. Thanks for the heads up Ame. Luckily I bought my diamond studs last week. Any work from BGD on yours yet? Mine are still "mounting"... I've been checking obsessively every day!

  15. I thought u mean US dollars & why is it so expensive. Mine 1 carat $2500.