Heads Up Air Travellers!

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  1. Just caught the 6PM NBC local news, saw a story on a lot(20 or so bags) of luggage, all tagged for Paris (so it was all checked in)...discovered in a dumpster behind a pet store miles away from the airport-I think it was MIA, not sure. The luggage was cut open and most everything was gone-this is not a joke. Once again, don't put anything you can't live without in your luggage...because sophisticated luggage thieves know exactly what to take-Bon Voyage is a thing of the past!
  2. O my gosh!! That's terrible!
  3. wow..how on earth did they manage to get their hands on 20 bags without being caught?! :amazed:
  4. :wtf: :wtf:
  5. Yikes! I don't know how you avoid checking in luggage these days with all of the carry-on restrictions. I guess you don't want to check expensive-looking bags.
  6. 1 of my worst fears- losing my luggage.

    Most of the time I am standing RIGHT at the entrance of where the luggages come out of ...



    I usually carry all of my expensive jewelery on me..

    Sucks for who lost their stuff. ;[ I would be so sad.
  7. I heard about that and it's horrible! I hate checking bags too :sad:
  8. Stories like this have persuaded me to not use LV luggage that I can't keep with me.
  9. that is why I don't put valuables in my check in bags.
  10. OMG that is awful!! I always keep my jewelery with me and other valuables, but I don't know what I would do with my clothes being stolen either. Probably cry, then go shop.
  11. That would be like a double nightmare. Losing nice luggage and your belongings.
  12. I plan on taking only a carry on and a my speedy when i go to AZ next week, to heck with putting my luggage in the hands of someone else!
  13. Yea, they were on their way to Dubai! Anyone else heard anything else? They were dumped in a dumpster outside a PET SHOP!!!
  14. anyone know which airline this was?
    i NEVER check luggage, i fit everything into my carry on, ive become an expert packer :yes:
  15. Yikes! I'm always paranoid about checking in luggage because I hate the thought of losing all my belongings. Especially while on a vacation...totally ruins the idea of having fun and relaxing.