Heads Up Air Travellers!


Sep 2, 2006
Just caught the 6PM NBC local news, saw a story on a lot(20 or so bags) of luggage, all tagged for Paris (so it was all checked in)...discovered in a dumpster behind a pet store miles away from the airport-I think it was MIA, not sure. The luggage was cut open and most everything was gone-this is not a joke. Once again, don't put anything you can't live without in your luggage...because sophisticated luggage thieves know exactly what to take-Bon Voyage is a thing of the past!
Yikes! I don't know how you avoid checking in luggage these days with all of the carry-on restrictions. I guess you don't want to check expensive-looking bags.
1 of my worst fears- losing my luggage.

Most of the time I am standing RIGHT at the entrance of where the luggages come out of ...



I usually carry all of my expensive jewelery on me..

Sucks for who lost their stuff. ;[ I would be so sad.
OMG that is awful!! I always keep my jewelery with me and other valuables, but I don't know what I would do with my clothes being stolen either. Probably cry, then go shop.
Yikes! I'm always paranoid about checking in luggage because I hate the thought of losing all my belongings. Especially while on a vacation...totally ruins the idea of having fun and relaxing.