Heads up about my cervo shine tote:(

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  1. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but...I figured yall would want to know.

    If you remember, I bought the black cervo shine tote. Yesterday I wore a white skirt...well, the black from the bag rubbed off on my skirt.

    I do not know if other colors will do this or not. Obviously, they might not be as bad if not a darker color. I told my SA and she contacted the Prada buyer, etc. Well, my complaint hasn't been the only one. There were others as well.

    So, now gotta send it back. I'm gonna miss her too. Loved the leather. Gotta figure out what bag I will get for the exchange.

    I really liked Dusty's brown prada tote she just got. It says it is just cervo.

    NM also has another brown tote (cervo) that I like. Plus, I'm also thinking of a Chanel black cerf.

    Do yall have any ideas for me? I love having the 2 handles and a longer shoulder strap.

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    oh no!!! jcoop - i'm so sorry to hear that. thank you for sharing the info; i'm thinking about buying this bag some time down the road.

    i like dusty's brown tote. i think the cervo tote is an excelent choice too... the cervo leather (without any weird finishes like lux or shine) is just lovely... very durable. so the cervo tote got my vote! i think there is a thread somewhere either from ryrybaby or ssc about the brown cervo tote... (i can't recall who started the thread)

    edit: here is the link http://forum.purseblog.com/prada/cervotote-thoughts-481255.html

    i love all of your bags whether they're prada, chanel, or balenciaga. you picked all of the classics... good luck, my friend!!! let us know what you decide... and of course, post some pics when the bag arrives ;)
  3. I am so sorry to hear about your bag! It just seems crazy that these manufacturers have so many issues.

    I think the Chanel cerf is great bag!
  4. ooh,so sorry!!
  5. Oh no, so sorry to hear it! Thanks for the heads up!
  6. What the f????

    What a buzzkill but thx for the heads up. How bad was the transfer? Are you saying nay to future cervo shine purchases? What a bummer.

    I really do like dusty paw's tote, simple and classic Prada. Are you looking for something in brown or black??

    ps - I'm so glad someone else uses "y'all" as well. It makes me feel better. ;)
  7. Ah jcoop and you were so excited to get this bag and it looked GREAT on you. I'm sorry this happened.

    And thanks for letting us know about the cervo shine!

    Please update us w/ your new bag choice!!!
  8. Yeah, big bummer. The transfer was def noticeable! It did come out in the wash though. I pretreated the stain and washed it in hot water. So, that part is good.

    After I noticed what had happened, I had some gray colored shorts nearby that I slightly rubbed against the bag...and yes, there was color transfer instantly. :wtf:

    Not for sure if I'm gonna do black or brown for the bag. I love both colors! I only have the one brown bag----actually it's the bronze 2.55 reissue tote. I do have a tendency to pick up my black bags the most though. So, not for sure what I wanna get.

    Alouette, yes I say yall all the time!!!! Dead give away to area I'm from!
  9. the cervo tote on NM is the one i got at prada... only on NM it says it ships in aug :O but i couldn't wait that long.

    so sorry about the bag jcoop!
  10. i paid 995 for mine at Prada San Francisco :smile:
  11. sweet...thank you!:smile:
  12. wow, that's a great deal on such a gorgy classy bag. jcoop - that's a promising replacement bag!!
  13. did you get her? i wanna know!