Headphones for the gym

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  1. Can anyone recommend a good pair of headphones to use with my Ipod or the TV's at the gym while I'm using the elliptical trainer or the treadmill? My apple ear phones keep popping out.
  2. ^ That happens to me as well on the treadmill. I use Band & Olufsen A8 headphones. I got mine for free as a gift when I bought their conical speakers but it's somewhere around $150.

    A bit expensive? Probably but the sound is much better than the iPod standard ones (and I'm no audiophile!) and it will not fall out. I had cheap Sony ones of the similar style - with the hook behind the ears - but they were an irritation.
  3. They have the headphones that go around the ear! That might work.. my BF and my bro have sony ones.
  4. That also happens to me. I always have to push it back in my ears but I live with it. I also hit the cord on the treadmill since I have my ipod on the machine and it falls onto the ground behind me. I'm waiting for the bluetooth headphones to get better.
  5. I bought the Panasonic ear buds that have the clip that goes around the ear. ( I usually have to replace them about every 6 months, I wear them at work and when I run so they take a real beating) They're very inexpensive, and stay put when I run. I cannot stand it when ear buds won't stay in! I had a pair with awesome sound, but if they don't stay in, what good are they? I've had very good results with sony brand, too. Just make sure they have the ear clips, and you'll be good.