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  1. :love:Ladies,

    It is confirmed here, in our City in a Garden, that there is a 10% price increase wef 1 Nov 2007. My SA just sent me an SMS last evening.:girlsigh:

    Lotsa :heart:,
  2. eeeks, no more chanel bags for me until next year!
  3. next yr? but it will still be high next yr :sad:
    maybe wait for one i really like, e.g. navy blue then heck it, i will BUY!!! haha
  4. I can't afford to do this anymore.....it's ridculous.

  5. hehe i just received the navy patent jumbo, she's so TDF you have to get one! there's still time before 1st nov ;)
  6. Huh...only 10%.... it's more than that in HK...
  7. Do they still have it in Spore?:P I just called, they said no navy; only black and beige:crybaby:
  8. ^ i didn't buy it in singapore, i ordered it from NM ;)
  9. Ahh they currently have stocks?! I really really want a black Jumbo but my rents won't let me though. :sad: To think I have to pay more when I buy it in the near future. Oh dear, and I really shouldn't be here when I'm having an A Level paper tomorrow.
  10. DO you mean black and beige patent jumbos or is it the caviar ones? I placed an order for the jumbo in black caviar and my SA hasn't called me yet!
  11. i'm sorry for my ignorance, i'm a real chanel newbie who has always admired chanel from afar and planned to own one... someday. how often has chanel singapore been increasing its prices and by how much each time? i've heard stories about pretty horrifying price increases...
  12. no, chanel hasn't been increasing prices that drastically in the past, unlike lv. however, the house of chanel has been doing so for the past 2 years and there will be a 20% price increase on 1st nov onwards. :yucky:
  13. Cher, I just read item 9 on your wishlist! :roflmfao: Good one!!!

    This crazy price increase is making me re-think my bag ban! :yucky:
  14. ^ LOL, i know! tell me about it! 1000% remorse now acks!
  15. ^^ Hehe ... u and me both ... like you've I'm trying to be good (at least till the end of the year) ... so I can be bad come spring!! :graucho: