Headline News - Spy for 2007

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  1. I have just got of the phone with one of my SA at Fendi. Some of the Limited Editions you have seen on other threads plus the Denim Spy on Saks web site. Their is also going to be

    A Blueberry Spy in Nappa leather out next month.

    I do not know as yet what other colour spys their will be, my SA said Fendi is not letting on yet but will be more colours Jan/Feb:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. I saw the blueberry Spy on the Saks website a few days ago. GORGEOUS!!!! I mean, Fendi really need to stop. I've NEVER lost my mind over some handbags the way I'm losing it over the Spy bags! And they just keep comin' out with more n' more colors n' stuff... Can I sue them for mental distress or something?
  3. Katgrrl that was the denim spy, the Blueberry is not out yet, the new one will be in nappa leather.
  4. They do have a photo of the denim one up now. But, this one that I saw a few days ago was definitely a rich, dark blue, bubbly leather (all over!) Spy. It was beautiful. I think someone else here saw it and started a thread about it. Lemme get it... BRB.
  5. I email Saks and it was an old picture of the Petrol, like what Greendrv thought, Saks has now removed it from the web site. As far as I know the Blueberry is not out yet, their is a Hobo Fendi B Bag in Blueberry I think the spy will be that colour.
  6. YAYAY!!!! I need a blueberry spy!!! Saich, we were right!! We guessed it would be blueberry, didn't we?
  7. YAYAY will be so good, I hope its a different blue to the Petrol as do not want 2 the same bags
  8. Okee doke. That's a weird photo of the petrol. I thought the petrol was a much lighter shade of blue. But, light or dark blue, it's a gorgeous bag!
  9. Saich, we thought it was going to be this color :graucho:

  10. Oo...Blueberry spy's gonna be cute!!
  11. That's a lovely color. I guess that's the closest we are getting to purple.

  12. Yes thats the colour, Fendi in Sloane St. london told me a booklet on the bags is coming out in the next few days they are going to send me one. I bet this spy in the new Blueberry will be as popular as the Petrol
  13. Such a lovely lovely lovely color....

    I'm not sure the wallet can take a Blueberry AND a Denim spy hit....

    Gotta start Operation Kill-Him-With-Sweetness. My BF won't know what hit him until the cc bill comes home! Shhhhh! :P
  14. :nuts: :roflmfao: