Heading to the Niagara Falls Outlet .. and

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  1. USA...
    Going to meet up with a fellow pf gal... Cant wait.

    I'm hoping to grab this ...
    [​IMG] when I was there last they were 99$ so i'm hoping they will still be there.
    I have this bag ^^^^ in bronze and LOVE IT!!! so the pink will be perfect for summer.

    I'd like to get a sabrina but then chances of that i'm sure arent good.

    Perhaps a opt glam tote in black/black and i'll be happy.

    Anyone from Canada that has shopped there do you take a handbag with you? I'm just wondering how to bring this stuff back I dont want to be charged duty.

  2. Have fun and those are nice choices....:smile:
  3. customs is random... you can't say that you didn't buy anything when you come back, unless you want to say that you went to watch a hockey game lol.. and there is no spending limit for < 24hrs...if you have ever gone in to pay duties..there are a lot of people carrying brand new coach bags lol

    i would rather pay the duties, than have them go through the car and k19 me
  4. They have loads of glams right now, I'm not sure of the black op art in particular but they do have tons of patent leather ones for sure. As for the first tote I know they had 1 return of that one on Friday (my sil did the return) but it was the only one left.
    I haven't seen sabrinas there in a while but they do have audreys, haileys, maggies and brookes.
  5. When i went you could buy up to 250 dollars for being there for less than 24 hours