Heading to NYC!

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  1. And I am determined to make the most of it...toki all the way! We're gone next Friday for a week...

    I need my spiaggia still, and I'm hoping I miiiight find a good deal on an inferno, and I want a shirt or other non-bag item (or two).

    Aside from Macy's (of course), this is my list of places to hit:

    Yellow Rat Bastard
    Century 21
    Woodbury Commons

    What am I missing?

    And...any NYC discounts for any of the above ('specially Macy's for my spiaggia....that would be great!), lemme know!

  2. Good luck..I could only dream of getting to go to NYC to see Toki in person..I hope you find tons of deals & a great Spiaggia in person!!!
  3. An early welcome to NYC! ;) Lets see ... you can also hit:

    TJMaxx (Just above Filenes on 19th/6Ave)
    Burlington Coat Factory (23rd/6th Ave)
    Loehmann's (Go to the Chelsea Location 17th/7Av, Tokis sighted there, not the one on 73rd though)
    LeSportsac Soho (176 Spring St.)
    LeSportsac Madison (1605 Madsion/80St.)
    Bloomingdales (504 Broadway, 59th St)
    Lord & Taylor (39th/5Ave)
    Nordstorm (51st/5th Av)

    Bloomie/Lord & Taylor and Nordstorm and of course Macy's are departmental stores that carry Tokidokis. If you want to browse some other stuffs esp cosmetics, don't forget to visit Henri Bendel - 5th Ave, bet 56/55St. Also FAO Schwartz!

    You can't go wrong shopping in NYC! Have fun!
  4. Hey, I'm heading to NYC in July. Let us know what stores have the best Toki after you get back so I know where to hit next month!:graucho:
  5. I'm leaving this Tuesday to spend 3 weeks in NY w/my family!! :yahoo: I'll definitely be hitting up NYC too!! :graucho: I can't wait. There's no shopping that compares to shopping in NYC!! :nogood: CHA-CHING!! :love:
  6. Here's my suggestion: Take the 6 train to Canal St, get off, walk up and down canal for a while & try & haggle to get some good deals, then head over to broadway, and walk straight up broadway all the way to 8th st/astor place. Everything you're looking for will be somewhere in between!! :graucho::tup:
  7. Woodbury Commons isn't in NYC. It's at least an hour and a half upstate, if you're willing to make the drive. I don't know how far out the Southampton outlet is, but they might be equal distances away.
    [It's about a half an hour from where I live currently.. yet I haven't gone toki-hunting there..what is wrong with me?]
  8. its probably at least 2 hours to Southhampton with all the traffic on the LIE... friggin Long Island - you would think,with a place that has 3 highways all leading in the same direction, why is there so much traffic?!?! lol

    I definitely suggest the bus trip to Woodbury tho - take the earliest possible bus you can. You'll definitely be there ALLLLLLLL day... (be prepared to max out at least one of your credit cards - theres basically every store in your wildest dreams!) http://www.premiumoutlets.com/outlets/outlet.asp?id=7
    When I was in college, a girl I did an internship with was from Indonesia & her bf's father owned the hard rock cafe there and one weekend she got all excited cuz they (her bf, his dad, her & her cousins) were goin to go to NY for the weekend on his private plane to "these outlet stores in harriman" and i was just like "OMG WOODBURY COMMONS SO JEALOUS!!!" she came back on monday & he bought them all gucci bags & diesel jeans! (then i was even more jealous!)
  9. I understand some of the other stores but why Burlington? have people spotted tokidoki there or just cuz it's a good place to visit? :confused1:
  10. I like the Filene's at Union Square, above DSW. Nothing like shoes and to match your bags!

    I would also like to second taking the bus up to Woodbury Commons. Make sure you take the early one as mentioned.

    In the "Deals" thread I mentioned that Macy's Hearld Square has Toki's in two locations in the store- make sure to check out both.

    The LeSportsac store on Madison Ave is at least 1.5 times larger than the one in SoHo. However, if you are looking for a specific item they could call the other store and you could zip right down/up on the subway- rather than making two trips. :tup:

    Century 21 in the city is right near Ground Zero. Can easily take the A & C subway to Ground Zero/World Trade from Midtown and you are right there.
  11. ooh woodbury commons has a bible factory outlet! score! jk

    man i wanna shop there. i can imagine spending a bajillion dollars there... way more than i'd spend in crappy vacaville outlets. have fun in NYC, make sure you post all your haulage!
  12. Wow, so many people coming to NY :huh:. I didn't know so many places carried Tokidoki - -. There's a place that sells the watches here. My mommy said they had the Vinyl figures and a few bags last time she went.

    259 Bleeker Street

    A little OT but I'm going to San Diego in July for a week.:yahoo:
  13. Oh, dont forget - KidRobot on Prince St for all the fun tokidoki figurines and blind box assortments of other fun characters!

    Then theres also GIANT Robot, which has fun stuff too:
    437 East 9th Street
    Between 1st Ave. & Ave. A, in the East Village

    After you're finished shopping, I suggest hitting up Shabu Tatsu which is on 10th st b/w 1st & 2nd ave (authentic shabu shabu! mmm mmm good! make sure you get the green tea ice cream for dessert!) and then after you're full, head up to St Marks Pl to Sing Sing Karaoke, do some sake bombs, and sing "Living on a Prayer" (or any other of your favorite drunken anthems!)
  14. anyone been to the TJMaxx in college point yet?