heading to NYC to get my first Bbag.. where to go?

  1. I have decided to get my first bbag. It probably will be a black city but I have decided to not make my final decision until I walk into the store (just in case something else grabs my interest).

    My question is where is the best place to go? Should I go to BalNY or go to one of the department stores like Barneys, Saks or Bergdorf?
  2. From what I've experienced, I'd vote for Barney's. They seem to have everything out and available to look out, while BalNY doesn't have a lot on display - you essentially have to know what you want and ask for it specifically.
    Not sure if Saks/Bergdorf carry Balenciaga?
  3. i got my first bbag at Barneys NY, so I'm partial to them. They are very helpful and friendly. And if the color/style you want is only available in another store, they will do everything possible to get it for you. The manager at the Soho location personally dropped off my bag for me to look at and purchase at their Madison Ave. location.
  4. I don't know about the New York locations, but I was impressed how Barneys had all the Bbags out for you to try on, touch, etc. NM is the only other place I have seen them at. Some were behind glass. Barneys had a lot more than NM.

    One difference I noticed is NM had more colors and Barneys had more neutrals.
  5. One point against BalNY is that if you change your mind about your bag you only get store credit, as opposed to getting your money back which Barneys, Saks and Nieman Marcus would do.

    Good luck! Can't wait to see pics of your Bbag when you get it...
  6. Saks in NYC doesn't carry B bags and there is no NM in NYC.

    If you can, make the trip to BalNY. It's a bit out of the way but it's an place every B bag lover should experience :smile:.
  7. I was going to say the same thing but for your first bag, I don't think I would buy it there. I hate their return policy. You have to be 1000% sure if you buy from them.
  8. Barneys on Madison has B-bags, I usually browse their bags. They have different selection every time I go.
  9. I would go to Barneys. I only buy from Balenciaga if I've exausted all other options. 2 returns/exchanges per person and NO refunds isn't my way of shopping. Saks in NY doesn't carry Balenciaga.
  10. thanks everyone for your suggestions. I think I will hit up Barneys first and if I dont have any luck then head to BalNY.

    I will definately post pictures when I get her. I can't wait. 2 more days!!!!:yahoo::yahoo: