Heading to LV LV *laughs*

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  1. While I'm in Las Vegas this December I plan to do so mighty shopping at LV, but I am wondering if I should call ahead to ask them if they could set a few bags aside or confirm they are in stock before I head there. :confused1:
  2. Are you heading to a specific store in Las Vegas? There's quite a few stores around - Caesars, The Wynn, I think the Bellagio? I really like the one at Caesars though (in the Forum Shops) so I say go there!
  3. Have fun. My sister went to LV and found many items for me. I doubt if they would reserve bags for you. You could call them, because my sister was hunting for a mandarin pocket organizer for me, and she had the product number and called around to find one.
  4. Not sure if Bellagio has one...(I think only Hermes'?) But there is another in the Fashion Mall across the street from the Wynn
  5. Have fun! You can call if they have certian items you want and hold it for you, no harm in doing that.
  6. I call ahead and have things held just to be on the safe side:smile:
  7. Unless it's a limited piece that you are looking for, i don't think you should have any problem finding it.
  8. Thanks guys! :winkiss: I think I'll call just for peace of mind :yes:
  9. Have a wonderful time....LV shopping:graucho: !!!
  10. Enjoy it there! Do take pics of your new babies in case you get anything!
  11. enjooooooooooooy :love: and Pics plz :biggrin:
  12. Have fun! I think you'll be ok bc there are several stores to find what you want, again, as long as they are not limited pieces.
  13. Have a blast! I love LV...and LV ;)
  14. have a wonderful time in Las Vegas, its truly an awesome place, I never got bored.. and had sooo much fun! I would definantely give the LV store a ring before you go, just to set some pieces aside, just incase!
  15. Have fun.