heading to buffalo on tomorrow! i WANT new uggs!!

  1. so im going to buffalo tomorrow as sort of a end of the summer trip. i really want new uggs so does anyone know which stores? preferably at walden galleria and the boulevard mall.
    also does lord and taylor have alot of selection this year?
  2. I saw Uggs at Lord & Taylor by me in NJ. There was at least a round table full. Hopefully the one where you are will have ones you want.
  3. It's not quite cold enough in Buffalo for Uggs yet, IMHO.
  4. oooh i'm heading to buffalo tomorrow too!
    i'm looking to buy myself a pair of tall black uggs!
    good luck to us both. haha
  5. Hi,
    I am looking to buy a pair of tall black Cargo Uggs (They have a buckle on one side and a zipper down the inside of the leg).
    Has anyone seen them in Buffalo?
    Do you know which stores sell Ugg boots?
    I have to pay $285.00 Canadian (Plus of course a gazillion dollars tax) here in Toronto.
    Does anyone remember the cost in Buffalo stores?
    Gaming Gal 9:yahoo:
  6. ^^ They had those boots on bloomingdales.com and Zappos.com and I think Nordstrom.com too. I don't know if they ship to Canada but I bought them on Zappos a month or so ago.
  7. lord and taylor @ galleria has a decent selection of uggs. not sure about their sizes though... other than that, i'm not sure if anywhere else in walden galleria has uggs. i think journeys may actually carry a pair or two. but i'm pretty sure tony walker carries them :smile:

    buffalo is so limited :sad: