Heading to ban island [emoji267] collection pics and LV rant!

  1. Hello all!

    My last purchase from LV was in March and I'm off to ban Island for at least 6 months (from then )

    I've gone a little hog wild, and it's time for my credit cards to get a rest (and get paid!). I figured the best way to start would be with an updated family picture and for one sacrifice, choosing one bag to sell.

    Here's the family in their dust bags:


    And without


    Here's slightly better lighting


    The Pallas in Rose Ballerine (and matching mirror charm) was chosen as the sacrifice, because she is the last bag with Vachetta handles left, and after taking great care of her, it's someone else's turn to go nuts about keeping her even patina!

    Here's how I store my bags (all except the keepall that lives in my closet, and the Pallas which is in the closet now waiting to be mailed out to its next owner, if I can find one ::see rant below::smile:


    Ok here's the rant:

    When I posted the lovely Ms. Pallas on eBay, I was messaged by a few people pointing out the the receipt had a totally different bag listed of the same price. Turns out the manager who rung me up made a mistake when I purchased her last year and rung up the Pallas Shopper in Dune. So now I have NO receipt for a bag I spent $2,500 + tax on!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I called LV customer support , and spoke to the new store manager, they just pointed fingers at each other. LV customer service said the store should fix the error and the store said that customer service should fix the error. Each claimed there was nothing they can do.

    So with that, I gladly go to ban island and stew on this for a while!

    Thanks for reading/watching
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  2. Wow! Your bag collection is amazing. They are all beautiful, and I do support you going to ban island. I think we all need to go there eventually... me included. Lol

    And so sorry to here of the error on your receipt. Hopefully they were the same price and you didn't pay for the wrong bag. Keep us updated on the progress!
  3. Thank you

    Yes they were the same price luckily, but I prefer to sell my bags with a receipt. You get a better price and the buyer gets peace of mind!
  4. Of course! I totally agree! They shouldn't make mistakes
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  5. So much varieties! :loveeyes:
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  6. beautiful LV collection:heart: I'm also very curious to know whats in all those Tiffany boxes
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  7. Great collection!
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  8. Amazing collection and I totally understand your trip to ban island

    About your receipt problem: have you tried asking your regular SA? From your collection I take it that your relationship should be quiet good. They can reprint the receipt for you. I had that done once because a new SA forgot to give me any receipt at all. When I realized the mistake, I went back to LV and got a reprint of the receipt. I am not sure if this is possible for the time frame in question, but I would certainly try.
  9. :wtf::wtf::wtf: What a collection! You're a queen!
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  10. LOVE your collection! Sorry to hear about the receipt :sad:
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  11. Gorgeous collection.. thank you for sharing your family pictures.. :smile:
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  12. You have a lovely collection !!!! Love all your pieces :smile: This had happened to me as well a few years back . I purchased the Alma bb in Epi Electric . My receipt shows Alma bb Epi noir . Lucky for me though I will never part with this bag so it kind of does not matter . But I see your frustration . This is not your fault and I hope LV will fix this for you . Makes it very tough to sell a bag that does not match the original receipt :sad:
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    funny, without seeing your choice of bag to sell, I was going to say "Pallas", not because of the vachetta leather, its just I don't really like any of the Pallas' look (no offense to Pallas owners, its just me)
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  14. Wow beautiful collection! The Pallas is beautiful.
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  15. Drooling :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes: ...lovely collection and congrats!:tup::tup::tup:
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