Headed Up to Look and Order

  1. I am sick but I am going to go up and look around and place my order. I could call it in but am undecided on some stuff. I hate paying more than outlet price for stuff that will show up at the outlets shortly.

    Gonna see what I might be able to get, run to Macys and then home to bed.
  2. OK, disregard. SA is off. Will try to get there tomorrow or at least call tomorrow.
  3. Hope u feel better.:smile:
  4. Thanks.
  5. Hope you feel better tomorrow! It's not fun to shop when you're sick!
  6. Yeah the other post gave me some incentive to stay home and try to get the discount Tues or whatever day my SA is working.
  7. I stopped in today & got my stuff. I couldn't meet up with my SA last week because I was sick. I got some odds and ends coming plus I got a black Medium Lily.