Headed to the Niagra Falls Outlet today!

  1. I hope I find something good! I have a coach wristlet that I adore that I still haven't used in 3 months, so I may exchange it for something else... we shall see.

    :smile: Happy Shopping everyone!!
  2. Please post what you find up there and what they have... I'd like to go there gain soon...
  3. how did it go?

  4. I ended up going to the Grove City PA outlets and they had some cute things, but honestly it was very picked over.

    There were smaller legacy bags, and some legacy satchels for a good price 20% w/an additional 10% off, I think it came to 348 before tax.. but the small ones were too small for me and the satchels seemed too large, although there were beautiful.

    They had some lurex wristlets in gold and silver and very very few key fobs and charms.

    I didn't see any scarves, and the majority of the store seemed to be the mini sig print :sad:

    ETA -- I didn't buy anything :sad:

    I am going to the NF outlets tomorrow night though so I will update w/what they have :smile: